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Jo Milne

Jo Milne
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My work explores the invisible architectures and patterns that reverberate within our world, the patterns and underlying structures of codes, language or communication. In past projects, I have considered the visual resonance of different forms of sequencing, translating braille, pianola scores, and fractal sequencing into artistic representations. These representations confronted the digital with the material, in forms where binary references collide with their material translation into paint. Where a haptic and sensory awareness is brought into the equation of vision.

Recent work concentrates on how methods used by scientists to visualise the invisible can be applied to artistic representations. In particular, how the invisibility of the abstract hypotheses developed within the fields of contemporary physics could be interpreted as tangible forms. The work responds to the propositions of string theory and the multiverse, propositions that are, as yet, unverifiable or invisible. My interest lies in responding to the speculative nature of science as a process that questions how we see and understand the world around us. Merging digital processes with the hand-drawn, my work plays with translation, carpentry, and catastrophe, so as to suggest without describing aspects of the world that lie beyond the naked human eye.

Jo Milne’s work responds to speculations within contemporary theoretical physics, establishing dialogues between art and science, between the invisible and the visible. Her work expands across painting and drawing but also includes installation and video projects as multiple print portfolios.

Born in Edinburgh, Jo Milne graduated in 1989 from Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh University with an MA in Fine Art. She was later awarded an MA in Printmaking from Camberwell College of Art and a Ph.D. in Fine Art from the University of Barcelona. She currently lives and works between Edinburgh, Barcelona, and La Segarra.

Her work has received numerous awards, for example from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation (Canada) and the Arena Foundation (Barcelona) and she has been an artist in residence at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (Dublin) and the Museu d’art de Sabadell (Sabadell). Her work has been exhibited extensively, with solo shows at Espai Volart, Fundació Vila Casas, (Barcelona), Cultural la Mercè, (Girona), La Sala (Vilanova i la Geltru), Grande Fontaine (Switzerland) and Amber Roome (Edinburgh). Other exhibitions include Galeria Trama (Barcelona), The Talbot Rice Gallery (Edinburgh), Herbert Read Gallery (Canterbury), Sarah Myerscough (London) and Hannah McClure Centre (Dundee).
Collections include Edinburgh College of Art, The University of Edinburgh, Museu de Sabadell, La Caixa and the Ayuntamiento de Pamplona (Spain).