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Jo McIntosh

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My long standing practice of symbolist landscape photography has a particular style and composition in that I prefer to capture cooler, grey, washed out, weathered textures and atmospheric linear structures in a particular location. The geographies I photograph, are void of people, allowing the viewer to feel the isolation, calm, loneliness or serenity of that particular place.

I feel that the interpretative language of photography is an important one to harness, especially within todays very visual culture. The photographer can allow factual stories to be told and fictional stories to be created. Playing with photography in this manner, progressed into silk screen prints, and further still into the tactile nature of an artist book, strengthens the value and importance of the visual image as a means of communication; allowing the reader to touch and explore the narratives that are created.
With these thought provoking landscape contexts in mind, my compilation of artist books serve as artefacts or mementos of my present entwined with my past; small sculptures constructed around and captured through the photographing of moments in time, then printed with traditional techniques and finally sewn or folded together. They are presented as a precious piece of artwork in their own right. I feel the completed books reflect the quiet, thought-provoking nature of the original photographs themselves, leaving the viewer to piece together their own interpretations of the haunting landscapes within them.

The materials I use are both traditional book-making media, screen printed and contemporary papers and digital prints.
VAS Converge exhibition 2016
RSA Open exhibition 2016
VAS VAS:t exhibition 2015 (Winner Nancy Graham Memorial Book Prize)
McNaughtans Bookshop & Gallery group show 2014
Master in Education (Artist Teacher)
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