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Jill Carnduff

Jill Carnduff
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Hi, I’m Jill, Life Coach, Artist and Writer.

As a relatively new artist, I’m drawn to exploring our intuitive connection within the process of creating; bringing out of the inner mind, images, feelings - whatever is inside us. My art tends more to the abstract or semi-impressionistic, touching on the real world, but ending somewhere else. Working often in watercolours and inks, I love to see where the image starts, and discover what choices come up as the mark making reveals a known or unknown image. Seeing where my intuition takes the image can be both frustrating and liberating.

I especially love the freedom of mixed media: watercolour, inks, the immediacy of pastels, the commitment of permanent ink, collage and all manner of mark making tools. I have come to embrace the journey of expression, not knowing where it will end up. My love of nature draws me to her elements – especially her trees - her rocks, ferns, florals, in landscape and close-up forms.

My Passion as a Life Coach is to help people connect with, create and live their purpose. Teaching my clients to connect with their own intuition features predominantly in this work. Bringing my art and Life Coaching together, I am exploring how the process of creating art helps us to know our inner depths, maybe heal our ‘stuff’. I am especially interested in helping other artists explore their inner world (thoughts and emotions), and how it affects their creative, personal and business lives as an artist.
I am predominantly a self-taught artist, first picking up a paint brush in 2019 and have taken a number of classes in various disciplines, feeling my way around the different mediums.

Classes attended at the following schools and art teachers:-

Life Drawing and General Painting with Jess Bevan, teacher at the Edinburgh College Of Art
Classical Techniques with Jess Bevan at Edinburgh University
Figure Oil Painting with Kelly-Anne Cairns at the Edinburgh Drawing School
Figure Oil Painting with Anna Wimbledon at the Edinburgh Drawing School
Various mediums and ‘en plein air’ with Hannah Tofts on the Mull of Kintyre

Many classes and workshops with Gillian Park from Gillian Par Art – oil, pastel, watercolour


‘Teardrop Explodes’, celebrating the Paisley Pattern, May-June 2024, at The Art Department, Outspoken Arts, Paisley
InnerOuter Nature - Tryptych no1
  • Jill Carnduff
  • InnerOuter Nature - Tryptych no1
  • Watercolour
InnerOuter Nature - Tryptych no2
  • Jill Carnduff
  • InnerOuter Nature - Tryptych no2
  • Watercolour
InnerOuter Nature - Tryptych no3
  • Jill Carnduff
  • InnerOuter Nature - Tryptych no3
  • Watercolour