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Jessica Copping

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Framed within the context of the proposed current epoch of geological time, the Anthropocene, my practice studies humanity's long-term impact on the strata record through our powerful influence on the environments, climate and ecology of the planet. Recent work studies humanity’s destructive alterations to the biosphere as well as the possibilities for positive change, associated with the advent and expansion of the Anthropocene by depicting the effects of a series of epoch-spanning cataclysmic events, both real and imagined.

I create constellations of paintings which position human-caused cataclysmic events within the context of recurring planetary and cosmic cataclysmic events in order to question how long our species will live with respect to deep time. My paintings are constructed from layers of oil, egg tempera and graphite which are partially eroded through sanding and engraving. This process is a combination of spontaneous mark making and considered detail which within the context of my subject signifies the excavation of layers of earth and time, revealing lost narratives and social collapse. When viewed collectively, the works form a complex web of signification, where bursts of detail, colour and abstract forms emerge from the distant past and reach into faraway future capturing the complexities of time, nature and culture in the Anthropocene age.
2015 – 2016 Masters of Letters in Fine Art Practice, Distinction, Glasgow School of Art
2007 – 2010 BA (HONS) Fine Art, First Class, Norwich University of the Arts

2018 Cataclysms, The North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford

2018 Our eARTh, Kunsthuis Gallery, Crayke, North Yorkshire
2018 FRESH, Rural Arts, Thirsk, North Yorkshire
2018 OPEN, Visual Art Scotland and Society of Scottish Artists Open, RSA, Edinburgh
2017 Fields of Wheat, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow
2017 Open Contemporary Young Artist Award, The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle
2017 Creative Reactions, Trades Hall, Glasgow
2016 FLY, Visual Art Scotland, RSA, Edinburgh
2016 Originality, Sichuan Academics Creative Art Museum, Chengdu, China
2016 Society of Scottish Artists (SSA) Open, RSA, Edinburgh
2016 Exquisite Corpse, St Andrews Museum, St Andrews
2016 Collective Memory, Celine, Glasgow and Bushwick, New York
2016 The Shape of Things to Come - GSA Graduate Degree Show, Tontine, Glasgow
2016 Constant Cravings, Taidelaboratorio Gallery, Helsinki
2016 A Camel is a Horse, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow
2016 No More, Glasgow School of Art Project Space, Glasgow
2016 PRIME, Wall Projects, Montrose
2016 Contemporary Visitor, Hospitalfields House, Arbroath
2014 New English Art Club Annual Open Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London
2012 The Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Mall Galleries, London
2010 National Open Art Competition, The Minerva Gallery, Chichester

2017 Contemporary Young Artist Award (shortlisted), The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle
2017 The Solo Award (longlisted), Cello Factory, London
2017 The Imago Mundi Collection, Scottish Collection, Worldwide
2017 Jerwood Visual Arts Artist Bursary (shortlisted), London
2016 Raiding the Past Residency, Hospitalfield House, Arbroath
2016 Dumfries House Residency, Royal Drawing School Studios, Scotland
2016 HRH The Prince of Wales Collection, Dumfries House, Ayrshire, Scotland
  • Jessica Copping
  • Elugelab
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  • Jessica Copping
  • Beijing
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Marshall Islands
  • Jessica Copping
  • Marshall Islands
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Three Temporalities at Night (panel one)
  • Jessica Copping
  • Three Temporalities at Night (panel one)
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Three Temporalities at Night (panel two)
  • Jessica Copping
  • Three Temporalities at Night (panel two)
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Three Temporalities at Night (panel three)
  • Jessica Copping
  • Three Temporalities at Night (panel three)
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To Fall
  • Jessica Copping
  • To Fall
  • Drawing
The Eternal Return
  • Jessica Copping
  • The Eternal Return
  • Drawing