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Jenny Mackenzie Ross

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For me rocks and ceramics are synonomous. The processes of the earth, volcanisation and sedimentation are totally in tune with the ceramic process with which I engage. I draw elements from the environment into my work, clays and sands as well as organic materials.

These things hold true wether I am making thrown forms or sculpture, but I treat these two activities very differently. When I am throwing I am concerned with function, with clarity of form and richness of surface. In sculpture however, I am wanting to push my personal boundaries, and to convey ideas beyond my love of the materials. These ideas often refer back to nature and our perception of it. They also reflect my interest in science. Themes include scales of time, space and movement or parallels between organic and non-organic structures in the landscape. It is all very much rooted in my particular local landcape in Caithness, coastal and raw.
Studied sculpture Newcasle University 1981-1985
Apprentice Edinbane Pottery, Isle of Skye 1987-89
Production thrower John o'Groats Pottery, 1990-92
set up studio as independent maker at Northshore Pottery 1993

Recent Group exhibitions
'Fire and Fibre' Collins Gallery Glasgow 2011
'Caithness Artists' Axotyl Gallery 2011
'Strands' Northlands Creative Glass 2012
'Fabric of the Land' Aberdeen University 2013
The Colossus and other Small Things- solo exhibition St Fergus Gallery Wick 2014
'Made' St Magnus Gallery, Thurso and St Fergus Gallery, Wick 2016
VAS Open 2016
VAS Open 2017
Guest Artist, Cromarty Arts 2018
Northbound. Contemporary Ceramics touring exhibition from Scotland and Norway, Ullapool Thurso, Shetland, Bergen 2018 -2021
Solo Exhibition St Magnus Gallery, Thurso 2021

Private Commissions, Publicly Funded Events

Collaborative project with Cote du Nord Restaurant. Wild and foraged food on inventive landscape inspired tableware. 2015 and 2016
Yarrows Heritage Trust, 5 schools sculpture and pit fire project, 'The crazy Neolithic Forest' 2015
Yarrows Heritage Trust, Sculpture kiln for Prehistoric Festival 'The kiln Cairn' 2016
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