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Jaxx Waygood

Jaxx Waygood
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Forging hot steel is my core medium and process. The embodiment of physical labour and material manipulation has a potency essential to my practice. I also work with mixed and digital media, and in collaboration with other artists. Often creating sculpture, I'm also very interested in the possibilities of video, spoken word and performance art. I like the notion of literally bringing the work to life.

Stylistically, I have developed a dark and bizarre visual language, shaped by my own personal experiences of traveller culture, festivals, and activism. Aesthetics, visual stimulation, and form are vital to my creations as I feel that art needs to look impressive. Discoveries from my journeymanship across Europe, the historical commedia dell'arte and carnivalesque of Italy, Jean Tinguely's kinetic sculpture and the diverse world of puppets, from marionettes to the Japanese technique of Bunraku, and most recently Eduard Bersudsky's artwork Sharmanka, have all been huge influences on my style.

My practice takes a democratic approach to engaging with an audience, aiming to be thought-provoking on different levels by taking action against social inequality and creating art that connects with people from all walks of life. I explore different platforms for displaying and marketing my work. Keeping it accessible by exhibiting in art galleries and public space as well as having a good online presence.

As an artist, I work as an entertainer. It is important to me that my work brings a positive experience and benefits its audience. It’s there to be enjoyed.

2021 - Hidden Door Festival - Graduate Show - Edinburgh

2021 - Arts & Craft Collective - Solo Show - Edinburgh

2021 - Edinburgh College of Art - Masters Show - Edinburgh

2021 - Creates - Emerging Artist Award - Monmouth

2019 - STIA - XXIII European Biennale - Tuscany Italy

2018 - SCALE - Metal Artist Collective - Animate Exhibition
- Bengtsfors Sweden

2018 - Variations Exhibition - Steneby Konst Hallen Sweden

2018 - Spring Craft - Trollhättan Sweden

2017 - FAR Open Studios - Forest of Dean

2015 - The Festival of Sculpture - Yorkshire Sculpture Park


MA Contemporary Art Practice
Master of Fine Art
Edinburgh College of Art
2020 - 2021

Metal Art Freestand
University of Gothenburg
Steneby HDK Sweden
2018 - 2019

Design and Forge work Skills
Advanced Level 3 Diploma Hereford & Ludlow College
2013 - 2015

BA Honors Artist Blacksmithing First-Class Degree
Hereford College of Arts
2009 - 2013

BTEC National Diploma in Art & Design / Triple Distinction
Manchester City College
Shena Simon College
2007 - 2009
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