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Jan Pimblett

Jan Pimblett
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Jan creates dynamic relationships between found objects, both organic and manufactured. The tension between materiality, colour, texture and forms is used to explore memory, place and lived experience, evoking new ways of looking at the past and experiencing the present.

The work is impermanent. It is deconstructed and cannibalised to form new pieces. Once works are dismantled, they can never re-appear. In each work, the physical expression of ideas already tells an impending ghost story.

A graduate of Middlesex University’s MA in Fine Art, Jan developed her practice through adult classes and a part time Foundation at the Mary Ward Centre, London (2012-2019). She is also a member of Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and will be exhibiting an installation called Hybrid from 12 July to 6 October 2024. Hybrid is featured as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival. https://www.edinburghartfestival.com/event/jan-pimblett-hybrid/

Instagram: @JanPimblett
MA Fine Art Middlesex University (2023)

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (2023 - present)
Fankle Art Collective (2023 - present)


In Air and Fire
RAF Museum, Hendon 2020

Non Finito
Koppel Project London. October 2020

Crossed Paths
Espacio Gallery London October 2021

Filet Gallery, Hoxton April. 2022

Art of Grieving
St Albans Museum and Gallery July 2022

Art Pavilion, Mile End, London July 2022

Bloomsbury Festival (Prize Winner)
Spaghetti House Gallery, Sicilian Avenue, London September 2022

Up in The Air
The Barn, Middlesex University December 2022

Fankle 01
Coningsby Gallery London June 2023

Coming up:

Unspun (Fankle 02)
Willesden Art Gallery London June 2024

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop July - October 2024 (also part of Edinburgh Art Festival 2024)
This Heart May be Broken 3
  • Jan Pimblett
  • This Heart May be Broken 3
  • Assemblage
  • Jan Pimblett
  • Transplant
  • Assemblage
Change of Heart
  • Jan Pimblett
  • Change of Heart
  • Assemblage
This Heart May Be Broken
  • Jan Pimblett
  • This Heart May Be Broken
  • Assemblage