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Iona Hall

Iona Hall
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I am a silversmith and jeweller working in silver. My main focus in my practise is box making and textural work. My passion for box making comes from the intimacy it has with the viewer. A box is an object that has an exterior surface, which first attracts the viewer, but it is possible to add a secret dialogue concealed in the interior ‘s multiple surfaces. My silver boxes are individual pieces connected by an underlying abstracted theme from local coastlines. My work is a response to the objects I have found on the beach, or movement or texture that has caught my eye. I wanted to recreate the feeling of discovery when on the beach. Collecting and holding an object you have found or uncovering an irregularity that has been made by the elements is something I am drawn to. I want to project the compelling feeling that you must pick this box up and explore it. These pieces are made to hold, to use and to view from many angles, as the designs have been considered for both exterior and interior as well as heavily focused on the sense of touch, sound and sight. Texture, line and pattern are important factors in my pieces. I am drawn to textures and irregular patterns in natural forms and use techniques such as chasing and repose to recreate these shapes in my designs. The boxes lead me onto my jewellery, simplifying and isolating my designs using similar techniques to create
Around The Table, Make Southwest, Devon - 11th November to 27th January 2024

WEST, Wasps Studio Glasgow, Visual Arts Scotland - 20th to 28th May 2023

NORTH, Wasps Studio Inverness, Visual Arts Scotland - 2nd to 21st December 2022

Surge, Tatha Gallery, Visual Arts Scotland, Fife - 8th October to 6th November 2021

Love and Chaos, The Alchemy Experiment, Glasgow - 8th October to 10th November 2021

Making It, Make Southwest, Devon - 24th July to 12th September 2021

F L O W, Visual Arts Scotland's Online Exhibition - 1st December to 21st January 2021

Renewal Exhibition, Dock Street Studios, Dundee - 1st June to 29th June 2019

Summer Craft Collection, New Ashgate Gallery, Surrey - 20th April to 31st August 2019

Silver museum in Freiburg, Germany - 27th of June to 6th October 2019, current

Goldsmiths Hall, Goldsmiths Craft & Design Council Award, London - February 2019

Rising Stars, New Ashgate Gallery, Surrey - 2nd March to 13th April 2019

Schoonhoven Silver Award 2018, The Netherlands - December 2018 to February 2019

Goldsmiths Centre, Getting Started, London - December 2018 to January 2019

New Designers, London - June 2018

Glasgow School of Art Degree Show, Glasgow - June 2018

Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow - April 2017

Goldsmiths Craft & Design Council Award 2019, Bronze award for small works section

Schoonhoven Silver Award 2018, nominated

Goldsmiths Bullion Precious Metals Bursary 2018

Bishops land Educational Trust
Glasgow School of Art
Channels Salt and Pepper shakers
  • Iona Hall
  • Channels Salt and Pepper shakers
  • Silversmithing
Machair Earrings
  • Iona Hall
  • Machair Earrings
  • Jewellery
Gold Waterfall
  • Iona Hall
  • Gold Waterfall
  • Jewellery
Peacock box
  • Iona Hall
  • Peacock box
  • Silversmithing
Double hinged pill box
  • Iona Hall
  • Double hinged pill box
  • Silversmithing
Peacock Box
  • Iona Hall
  • Peacock Box
  • Silversmithing
Shoreline Paintbox
  • Iona Hall
  • Shoreline Paintbox
  • Silversmithing
Talisker Waterfall Box
  • Iona Hall
  • Talisker Waterfall Box
  • Silversmithing