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Helen Walsh

Helen Walsh
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I am fascinated by the natural world, our connection to it and our place within it. I am interested in our desire to transcend, to move beyond what we know. The cycle of the seasons and of life change accordingly and I am interested in moving my practice forward through exploring this dichotomy.

Birds and feathers are an important element in my creative practice. I'm inspired by the way they move, their plumage, their otherness. They are freer; their ability to fly suggests a means of escape, implying there is something to escape from. They are symbols of transcendence, linking the physical to the spiritual world. This theme occurs in myths and stories across cultures and throughout history. In my practice they represent us, our spirits and a desire to transcend and change.

Drawing is a central element of my practice, it is the starting point and a means of creation in itself. I use drawing to research, explore and explain.

Process and technique are key to my practice. I use a range of media but continually return to traditional textile skills such as dyeing and embroidery. Using these traditional techniques I am part of an often forgotten or overlooked history.

Increasing awareness of our impact on the environment and our responsibilities draws me to work more with natural materials. Creating my own dyes from responsibly foraged materials connects my work to the land; adding another layer to the spiral of connection.
Scottish Drawing Competition 2021 (selected drawing exhibition)
June 2021, Paisley

Exhibition: Flock
May 2022
The Yellow Door Gallery, Dumfries

Exhibition: Whither Shall I Wander (Solo Show)
Nov2020- Jan 2021
WWT Caerlaverock, Dumfries

Commission: Messages (Art installation in empty shop window)
Sept 2020

The Stove Network, Dumfries
Commission: Feathers of Hope
May 2020

The Stove Network, Dumfries
Exhibition: S.E.W. Stitched Art is Art

The Clerkenwell Gallery, London
Event: Textravaganza Textile Fair
June 2019
Rheged, Penrith

Exhibition and Book: Wingspan
May 2018/July 2019
RSPB Geltsdale
Carlisle Library

Exhibition: Sky High (with painter Daniel Cooper)
Farfield Mill, Sedbergh

Exhibition: Draw the Line
April 2017
Surface Gallery, Nottigham

Exhibition: As the Crow Flies (solo show)
Dec 2016-Mar 2017
RSPB Geltsdale

Exhibition: Open Up North
May-June 2014
The Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal

Exhibition: Catapult
Oct 2007-Jan 2008
Urbis, Manchester

BA(Hons) Embroidery
2007, The Manchester Metropolitan University
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Flow: Solway Summer
  • Helen Walsh
  • Flow: Solway Summer
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Strength and Fragility
  • Helen Walsh
  • Strength and Fragility
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Flow: Solway Sands
  • Helen Walsh
  • Flow: Solway Sands
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Light in the Dark
  • Helen Walsh
  • Light in the Dark
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