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Gregory Alliss

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Frustrating, unforgiving, time consuming, unwieldy and brittle!
Fragile, colourful, shiny, transparent and mesmerizing. These two conflicting statements may both used to describe glass and glass art objects. One view is while making and one view is while
looking at the same artwork. This contradiction is why glass is my material of choice. The duality of its perception makes it so puzzling. This puzzle is made more complex when you consider the material properties of glass that are also full contradictions.
The challenge for me, is to master the idiosyncrasies and subtle nuances of glass to produce intriguing and pristine art works.
I predominately work with kiln casting and coldworking techniques working with optical glass and waste glass.
Present Studying for PhD in Glass at Edinburgh College of Art
Jun 2019 MFA in Glass at Edinburgh College of Art
Nov 2020 Captured Light - Architectural Glass, Tent Gallery. Edinburgh, UK
Oct 2020 Summer Exhibition 2020, Royal Academy of Arts. London, UK
May 2020 Glass Art Society Member Exhibition 2020. Virtual, Sweden
Feb 2019 Collective Art Show, Van Gogh Art Gallary, Madrid, Spain
Feb 2019 Art Innsbruck 2020, Innsbruck, Austria
Nov 2019 The Art of Scottish Glass, Lighthouse, Glasgow, UK
Oct 2019 Ireland Glass Biennale, Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland
Jul 2019 On the Edge, Scottish Glass Society, Lybster & Glasgow, UK
May 2019 Edinburgh College of Art MFA Show, Edinburgh, UK
May 2019 Material Fluidities, RAFT Group, Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, UK
Dec 2017 Inventory, Interim Show, Fire Station, Edinburgh, UK
Transparent Flow
  • Gregory Alliss
  • Transparent Flow
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