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Gillian Ryan

Gillian Ryan
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Gillian has always looked at her surroundings and taken inspiration from what is around her.
She is fascinated by texture and shape, enjoying materials and shapes which are unusual, biomorphic, tactile and appear as if they have they have their own story to tell.
The Ayrshire coastline, where she lives and works, features heavily in her designs. As well as the beautiful scenery, with the shapes of the waves and the foliage, the area is steeped in history and heritage. Coming from and returning to live by the seaside has allowed her work to reflect this both through design and materials used, giving her jewellery an organic and natural feel and flow.
There are two main types of work produced. The first is within the world of fold forming, or forging, where each piece is individually made by hand and hammer, resulting in unique organic shapes. Each piece becomes an individual piece of wearable mini-sculpture.
The second area comprises using cast shell pieces as components, where the moulds have been made from shells collected on the local beach and with the lost wax method then used to produce the metal masters for casting. These shells are part of the local natural history and can be cherished as both a memento and a memory.
City of Glasgow College
Qualifications: Higher National Diploma 2015 (Jewellery)
Higher National Certificate 2014 (Jewellery)
National Qualification NQ 2013 (Jewellery)

University of Dundee
Degree of Master of Arts 1987

Formal Exhibitions:

Winter Open 2018 - Northlands Creative, Caithness
VAS Members Exhibition - Tatha Gallery, Fife
Rolling 2018 Exhibitions - Electric Brae Gallery, Croy
Souter Johnnie’s Gallery - NTS 2018 season - Kirkoswald
Permanent presence of jewellery at The Barony Centre, Ayrshire

Winter Open - North Lands Creative, Caithness
2018 Showcase – Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow
Alternative Giving - The Barony Centre, Ayrshire
Jewellery Showcase - Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow
Scotland Inspired - The Barony Centre, Ayrshire
Souter Johnnie’s Gallery - Kirkoswald
Summer Exhibition - Electric Brae Gallery, Croy
Open Studios Ayrshire

Souter Johnnie’s Gallery – Kirkoswald
RSPB Art on the Wing - Rozelle House Galleries,
Organic Twist Pendant
  • Gillian Ryan
  • Organic Twist Pendant
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Formed Cuff bangles
  • Gillian Ryan
  • Formed Cuff bangles
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  • Gillian Ryan
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Open Formed Pendant and Earrings
  • Gillian Ryan
  • Open Formed Pendant and Earrings
  • Silversmithing
  • Gillian Ryan
  • Silversmithing
  • Gillian Ryan
  • S-Swirl
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