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Gillian Mather

Gillian Mather
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My interest is in exploring new approaches to figurative art. I paint rapidly, using simple brushstrokes and colours, avoiding inconsequential detail, to create elements of abstraction within a very basic semi-impressionistic form. I aim to make my paintings as simple as cave paintings. I paint animals and humans and aim to capture the essence of people or the soul of beings to express the emotion of human love.
I would like my paintings to give pleasure to people who are not normally interested in art. I aim to make the heart sing.
M.A. in Painting, Royal College of Art, London (1972).
Postgraduate Scholarship in Painting, Edinburgh College of Art (1969).
D.A in Drawing and Painting, Edinburgh College of Art (1968).

Henriques Prize for best woman artist, Royal College of Art, London.
David Murray Award for landscape painting, Royal Academy, London
Summer Scholarship, Hospitalfield House, Arbroath.

Solo Exhibitions
2018 - 'From the Heart', Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh, 28 August-11 September
2015 – ‘Love – The Souls of Men as Polar Bears’, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh, 28th April-8th May.

Mixed Exhibitions (Selected)
2019 - Great North Art Show, Ripon Cathedral (6 paintings).
2018 -'Current', Visual Arts Scotland members exhibition, The Tatha Gallery, Newport-on-Tay.
2016 - Le Dame Art Gallery, London
2016 – Visual Arts Scotland: Converge; Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.
2015 – Visual Arts Scotland:Transforming; Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.
2012 – Outside the White Cube, Bemondsey Project Space, London (5 paintings exhibited).
2009 – Summer Exhibition, Paisley Art Institute, Paisley, Glasgow.
2009 – Visual Arts Scotland (VAS) Exhibition, Dumfries.
2007 - In Celebration of Scottish Art, The Russian State Library, St Petersburg, Russia.
2007 – Scottish Drawing Competition, Paisley Art Institute, Paisley, Glasgow.
2006 - The Summer Exhibition, The Royal Academy of Arts, London
2005 – Scottish Drawing Competition, Paisley Art Institute, Paisley, Glasgow.
2004 - Love in Art, The Ardean Gallery, London.
2001 – Pastel Society Annual Exhibition, The Mall Gallery, London.
2000 - The RSA Annual Exhibition, The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.
2000 - The Centenary Exhibition of The Pastel Society, The Mall Gallery, London (4 drawings exhibited).
1971 – The Edinburgh School 1946-1971, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh.
1969 - The Scottish Pernod
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