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Fiona Stewart

Fiona Stewart
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I dreamed about a wild boar last night, standing behind a garden fence put in place to keep nature out. He looked at me then turned his back and headed off into the forest. I wondered if I should follow.

In my work, I paint an imaginative impression of place to honour my entanglement with the earth. Weaving together mythology, folklore, fairytale, social history and memory, my paintings evoke a human inner world devoid of the figure.

I live in an enchanted forest where trees occupy the space, standing upright despite being spiritually and physically marked by human intervention. Painting this place, I unearth something beyond myself which is transitory nature, a consequence of the passage of time. I inhabit the forest and the forest begins to inhabit me.

For me, painting is an intuitive process involving active participation between the land, the memory, the artist and the material. Invented but localised compositions are quilted together using pattern, texture, materials and subtle colour. The palette is never pre-planned but always earthly and grounded in nature.

We live in a consumerist culture that values exploitation of the land. Humankind is seen as separate and superior to nature. I hope my work re-awakens a sense of wonder, restoring connection to the natural world.
Fiona Stewart

Born: Edinburgh
Instagram: fionastewart_arts
Lives: Glenmoriston
Email: fionastewart_39@hotmail.com
Website: https://fionastewartartist.com,


Painter and printmaker living and working in the Scottish Highlands.

Gallery Representation

Lilford Gallery, Canterbury https://www.lilfordgallery.com/fiona-stewart-canterbury, The Lido Stores, Margate

Art Memberships
Visual Arts Scotland
Society of Scottish Artists
An Talla Solais


Solo Exhibition
Fiona Stewart Works, Lido Stores, Margate, 2022

Joint Exhibitions
Dreamed Revisions, The Pie Factory, Margate, 2019.
Paper Canvas Clay, Vinylhead Gallery, Ramsgate, 2019

Group Exhibitions
SSA 30 x 30 Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy (upper galleries), Edinburgh, 2022
Sugar Cube II, Lido Stores, Margate, 2022
Sugar Cube, Lido Stores, Margate, 2021
De-rail, The Pie Factory, Margate, 2020
Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 2019
Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 2018
Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 2017
POW! Thanet Woman Artists, Gallery 98, Ramsgate, 2019
The Sex Show, Viking Gallery, Margate, 2018
Assemblage Part 2, DBA studio artists, Gallery 98, Ramsgate, 2018
Complicit (POW! exhibition), Heimat 29, Ramsgate, 2018
All Inked Up!, Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury and the Brewery Tap, Folkestone, 2017
Living in Print, DBA Editions Print Studio, Falstaff, Ramsgate, 2017
Afternoon Tea, Chiara Williams Contemporary, Margate, 2016
Catford Arts Trail, London, 2015
Various art college and theatre design graduate shows, 1998-2009


2009 Post Graduate Scenic Art, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Distinction.
2003 Post Graduate Theatre Design, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Distinction. 2002/98 BA (Hons.) Degree Performance Costume Design, Edinburgh College of Art, 2.1.


Jocelyn Herbert Award for Theatre Design, 2003
Shortlisted for the Linbury Prize for Stage Design, 2003

Press Articles

John Byrne Award, ‘If Places Could Talk I Wonder What Tales They Would Tell?’, 2023
The Thanet Tribune newspaper, Isolation Creations article, June edition 2020
‘Cene Magazine Online, Kent, 5th August, 2019
Small Palm
  • Fiona Stewart
  • Small Palm
  • Painting
Somewhere in the Woven Sylvan, Beyond the Birch Tree
  • Fiona Stewart
  • Somewhere in the Woven Sylvan, Beyond the Birch Tree
  • Painting
In The Shadow of a Birch Tree
  • Fiona Stewart
  • In The Shadow of a Birch Tree
  • Painting
Teeter-Totter (into Spring)
  • Fiona Stewart
  • Teeter-Totter (into Spring)
  • Painting
Ghost Trees
  • Fiona Stewart
  • Ghost Trees
  • Painting
Mermaids Purse
  • Fiona Stewart
  • Mermaids Purse
  • Painting
The Blue Hour
  • Fiona Stewart
  • The Blue Hour
  • Painting
Wish You Were Here
  • Fiona Stewart
  • Wish You Were Here
  • Painting