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Fiona Percy

Fiona Percy
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I am a mixed media textile artist exploring materiality, memory and mark making through a combination of traditional hand working techniques (weaving, knitting, crochet, ropemaking, natural dyeing) and contemporary technologies.
I believe the exploration of the physical and cultural space we inhabit is fundamental to the artists evolution as storyteller. As a metaphor of metamorphosis and hero journey, I explore the migration of stories, traditions and skills along trade routes and their infiltration into local culture.
The commonplace and ordinary are oftentimes overlooked and through the elevation of these into fine art objects I re-establish forgotten connections. I forage local plants for dyeing of nettle, wool and silk yarns. Through the continual background uptake of nutrients and memories these contain the essence of action and place, the sunshine and rainfall, literally dyed into the wool.
By gathering up many threads of past present and future, I as storyteller, weave them together. The rhythms of making create a memory repository. Materials travelling to Scotland are added to and transformed into Art, the links and loops of ideas, materials and language facilitating the next chapter.

· BA Fine Art Textiles 2018 Moray School of Art UHI
· City and Guilds Diploma in Design and Craft: Stitched Textiles 2017
· City and Guilds Certificate in Design and Craft; Stitched Textiles 2016
· BA Fine Art 2002 Moray College UHI Millennium Institute


Queerness and Queer identity, winter pride 4-29 February 2020, Eden Court, Inverness
RSA New Contemporaries 2019, Edinburgh 9th March - 3rd April 2019

· Moray School of Art BA(Hons) Degree Show 15-23 June 2018
· Back to the Future, Edge Textile Artists Scotland 30 September-21 October 2017 Frames Gallery, Perth
· City and Guilds Textile Exhibition 19-24 June 2017 Moray School of Art
· Strands of Time, Edge Textile Artists Scotland 2-23 July 2016 Edinburgh Palette (invited student)
· City and Guilds Textile Exhibition 13-18 June 2016
· Plato’s Cave – Echoes are the Voice of Shadows 3-23 October 2009 The Gallery, Elgin Library (joint exhibition with Sue Sabrovalaki)
· Former Graduates Exhibition July 2008 Moray School of Art
· Peeling Back the Layers 9-20 July 2007 Moray School of Art
· Moray Arts Club Members Exhibition 2007 The Gallery, Elgin Library
· Former Graduates Exhibition 2006 Moray School of Art
· UHI Millennium Institute BA Fine Art Degree Show 15-21 June 2002
· Art and New Media 11-16 June 2001 The Gallery, Elgin Library (2nd Year Degree Group Exhibition)
Wild Swans, Abridged
  • Fiona Percy
  • Wild Swans, Abridged
  • Knitted
Wild Swans, Abridged (detail 2)
  • Fiona Percy
  • Wild Swans, Abridged (detail 2)
  • Knitted
Recordings Rain and Shine
  • Fiona Percy
  • Recordings Rain and Shine
  • Mixed Media
Recordings Rain and Shine (detail1)
  • Fiona Percy
  • Recordings Rain and Shine (detail1)
  • Mixed Media
Strands of Thought (detail 2)
  • Fiona Percy
  • Strands of Thought (detail 2)
  • Installation
Strands of Thought (detal6)
  • Fiona Percy
  • Strands of Thought (detal6)
  • Installation
Ribinnean Riomach
  • Fiona Percy
  • Ribinnean Riomach
  • Stitched
Acorn Rhythms
  • Fiona Percy
  • Acorn Rhythms
  • Mixed Media