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Fiona Hutchison

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I explore the movement of the sea: currents, tides, whirlpools and maelstroms the powerful ebb and flow of water. The work is not a literal translation or a representation of the sea, but something experienced, remembered, a deeply felt personal connection, a metaphor to our lives.
Inspired by personal experience and the written word, my work explores the contrasting characters and moods of the sea. Ideas are developed through drawing and painting, but only truly come alive when they are translated into my chosen media.
Trained in traditional tapestry my creative journey has expanded to experiment with a broader range of materials and techniques. The manipulation of materials and techniques increasingly plays an important role in the development of the work.

During a time of crisis, we must find a new and different way of working.
With the arrival of the Corona Virus, I was locked out of the studio with few materials and no space to work. I found myself searching for a new way to continue to be creative. My solution was to work with what I had or was readily available. Repurposing and recycling became the focus of my creative practice during lockdown.
Experimenting with alternative, discarded materials, from recycled paper, shredded cardboard to plastic baling tape provided me with an endless source of creative materials. They all speak their own language and required careful handling. Some, I loved others I found challenging and hard to work with. By combining these discarded and undervalued materials with the traditional techniques
Edinburgh College of Art. BA (Hons) 1st & Post Grad Dip

Hope Scott Trust
Dawia Foundation
Theo Moorman Award
Scottish Arts Council

RSA Edinburgh. 179th Annual Exhibition, RSA The Mound Edinburgh
2022 Shifting Tide. Blue Egg Gallery, Wexford, Ireland (Solo)
2021 Tapestry: Changing Concepts. City Art Centre, Edinburgh.
Cordis Award for tapestry. Inverleith House. Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh
Think Plastic: Materials and Making: Taigh Chearsabhagh, North Uist, Scotland
Artapestry6. ETF. Denmark, Sweden, Finland
2020. Think Plastic: materials and making. Royal Botanical Gardens. Edinburgh
SSA Annual exhibition.
RSA Annual exhibition
2019 1st International Tapestry Exhibition.
Canadian Tapestry and Textiles Center, Oakvile Canada
2018 Collect. Saatchi Gallery London
2016 Here and Now. NCCD, Sleaford, Birmingham and Bath.
2013 International Paper Art, Sofia, Bulgaria
Artapestry3, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, Latvia
2011 Fountain Gallery, Piestany, Slovakia
International Paper Art, Sofia, Bulgaria
2009 Centuries and Moments, Vilnius, Lithuania
2008 5th Cheongju International Biennale, Korea
Sea Project, Sand, Karmoy, Stavanger. Norway.
Different Perspectives Through Paper, Jebiwool Art Gallery, South Korea.
American Tapestry Alliance. 7th Biennial of Tapestry. Florida and Kentucky.
2007 12th International Textiles Triennial, Lodz, Poland
A Line of Water
  • Fiona Hutchison
  • A Line of Water
  • Tapestry
Still Waters
  • Fiona Hutchison
  • Still Waters
  • Tapestry
Over Fall
  • Fiona Hutchison
  • Over Fall
  • Tapestry
Tide Line
  • Fiona Hutchison
  • Tide Line
  • Tapestry
Ocean Paper and Uncharted Water
  • Fiona Hutchison
  • Ocean Paper and Uncharted Water
  • Paper
Unlock the Sea
  • Fiona Hutchison
  • Unlock the Sea
  • Paper
  • Fiona Hutchison
  • Clouds
  • Paper
  • Fiona Hutchison
  • Wake
  • Installation