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Ethan Dodd

Ethan Dodd
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Through my inter-disciplinary practice, I aim to transmute lived experience into a physical form. My ongoing practice is a constant educational process; it is distinctly personal, dealing with experienced trauma and attempting to ‘match’ individual mental health issues and their debilitating effects through empathy, to the experiences of others. This is an attempt to act as a ‘surrogate’ within my practice, highlighting the beneficial transformation of therapeutic and cathartic actions within a life, and hoping to incite this choice to stop and reflect in the audience. Crafting that moment of stillness as a method of beneficial dis-association for both myself and the viewer is a crucial lynchpin of my artistic practice. Much like a Chimera, the aesthetic philosophy of my practice is informed by an ever-evolving inner artistic language of kaleidoscopic references from both historical & new, literature and culture. These symbols focus on mythologising personal narratives, as a method of inviting others to empathise and understand another’s circumstances.

- 2020
Tertiary Education:

Mlitt Fine Art Practice – Sculpture Pathway, Glasgow School of Art
Sept 2020 – Sept 2021
Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PCET), Cardiff University Sept 2019 - July 2020
First Class BA (hons) Fine Art, Cardiff Metropolitan University Sept 2013 - June 2016

Solo Exhibitions:

‘Cŵn Annwn’ - Cardiff M.A.D.E., 2020.
‘Gestures’ - ArcadeCampfa, Cardiff, 2019
‘Penance’ - The Lab, HaverfordWest, 2018
‘Loss-’ - ArcadeCardiff, Queen’s Arcade Cardiff, 2017

Artist Residencies:

‘Industrial Death Research trip; Ukraine/Wales’ - Izolyatsia, Ukraine - Postponed due to COVID-19 Pandemic
‘Bipolar Condition Project: Visualising the experience’ - Royal College of Psychiatrists, Cardiff - Apr-Nov 2020
‘SHIFTCardiff ‘February Cohort’ - SHIFTCardiff, Cardiff City Centre - February 2019
‘Artist in Residence, as part of 14-18NOW’ - Cardiff & Vale College, Barry, Wales - January 2019

Selected Group Exhibitions:

‘Artistiaid Ifianc Cymru/Young Welsh Artists’ - MoMA Machynlleth, Wales - November 2020
‘Essential Forms’ - SALTSpace, Glasgow - October 2020
‘No Matter. What?’ - Offspace, Vienna - September 2020
‘Where’s the Remote?’ - Connecticut, North America - June 2020
‘GWYLLxCARN’ - Caernarfon, Wales - May 2020
‘AGORED2019’ - Galeri Caernarfon, Wales - November 2019
‘Llawn’ - Llandudno, Wales - September 2019
‘Museum Lates’ - National Museum of Wales, Cardiff - July 2019
‘Under The Counter Culture; Tactile Bosch’ -
+ IAFT Festival, Tokyo & Antibodies Collective’s Temple, Kyoto. - May 2019
+ The Old Vicarage, Cardiff - November 2019
‘Shift Presents - February 2019’ - SHIFTCardiff, Cardiff - March 2019
‘TactileBOSCH presents: Jubilee’ - Jacobs Antiques, Cardiff - December 2018
'Untitled (After William Blake)'
  • Ethan Dodd
  • 'Untitled (After William Blake)'
  • Found Objects
'I'm in Control of the Situation'
  • Ethan Dodd
  • 'I'm in Control of the Situation'
  • Ceramics
  • Ethan Dodd
  • 'Manifestation'
  • Installation
Sometime when the lamb is lost in the Mountain, he is cry. Sometime come the Mother, sometime the wolf.'
  • Ethan Dodd
  • Sometime when the lamb is lost in the Mountain, he is cry. Sometime come the Mother, sometime the wolf.'
  • Mixed Media
'I Can't Help Myself (The Death of)'
  • Ethan Dodd
  • 'I Can't Help Myself (The Death of)'
  • Installation
'Hunting Trophy'
  • Ethan Dodd
  • 'Hunting Trophy'
  • Installation
'Bear Trap'
  • Ethan Dodd
  • 'Bear Trap'
  • Installation
  • Ethan Dodd
  • 'Triskellion'
  • Installation