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Emma Sutherland

Emma  Sutherland
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The universal law that energy cannot be created nor destroyed is where my work develops. From inspiration to method my work embodies the ethos of life, death and rebirth. Capturing the moment of change where form dissolves, contorts and mutates into a new state. Along with influences from folklore, philosophy and religion my work takes shape through meditative gestures that create faint silhouettes and suggestive marks with the intention of capturing the dreamy transcendence in these portals of change. The materials used take center stage and are chosen carefully to let each of their intrinsic qualities shine. The work walks a fine line between abstract and figurative, deliberately blurring reality into fantasy. Like the veil between worlds is disintegrating. Slightly abstracted shapes and symbols also give a nod to ancient rock carvings and pictographs, where people long gone can still speak to us. Symbolism runs deep throughout and a fascination of its use as a global language is at the forefront. Working in sets within a series brings a meditative state and flow that allows the subconscious to also communicate. The combination of materials I use continues to grow and has resulted in a body of work that includes collage, sculpture, textiles and painting.
Group exhibitions:
Fatale Art with Verger Creatif
Eve Au Jardin De Pommes
September 3-19 2021

May 24-July 2019
Training Montage
Pineapple Black Gallery ,Middlesbrough

May 7-19 2019
Nous Sommes Fatale
Fatale Art Gallery at Le Livart, Montreal, Canada

13 Dec 2018
Edinburgh Collage Collective collaboration with Mark Murph
Handheld exhibition, limited edition postard set

November 22 2018-January 2019
Christmans Exhibition
Lennon-Art Gallery, Edinburgh

July 1-13, 2018
The Tent Gallery, Edinburgh

July 1-13, 2018
Edinburgh Collage Collective presents selected artists
The Tent Gallery, Edinburgh

February 5-18, 2018
Positively Blue
Lennon-Art Gallery, Edinburgh

November 30, 2017- Januuary 5 2018
Winter show
Bon Papillion Gallery, Edinburgh

August 3-31, 2017
ARTIQ at Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Waldorf Astoria, Edinburgh

November 17, 2016
Fundraising show
Bon Papillion Gallery, Edinburgh

July 7-31, 2016
Bustin' Out On a Dream- Collagistes Collective with Creative Debuts
Black and White Building, Shoreditch, London

June 10-24, 2016
An art for our time- Collagistes Collective with Creative Debuts
The London Edition Hotel, London
September 11 –October 9, 2015
Autumn show
Bon Papillion, Edinburgh

June 30- October 20, 2015
The Makers Gallery and Bistro, Edinburgh

Solo exhibitions:
August 4- September 4 2015
Woodland Creatures, pop up festival venue, Edinburgh

4th July -17th July, 2015
Group Show
Twenty Eight shop and studio, Edinburgh

March 7th -April 12, 2013
Bon Papillion Gallery, Edinburgh

November 2012 - January 2013
Christmas Exhibition
Peter Potter Gallery, Edinburgh
A sacred place 1
  • Emma Sutherland
  • A sacred place 1
  • Oil
A sacred place 2
  • Emma Sutherland
  • A sacred place 2
  • Oil
A sacred place 3
  • Emma Sutherland
  • A sacred place 3
  • Oil
A sacred place 8
  • Emma Sutherland
  • A sacred place 8
  • Oil
A sacred place 9
  • Emma Sutherland
  • A sacred place 9
  • Oil
A sacred place 11
  • Emma Sutherland
  • A sacred place 11
  • Oil
A sacred place 13
  • Emma Sutherland
  • A sacred place 13
  • Oil
A sacred place 17
  • Emma Sutherland
  • A sacred place 17
  • Oil