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Emma Sutherland

Emma  Sutherland
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Emma Sutherland is a mixed-media artist exploring the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Within this exploration, a focus on sacred space has emerged, using dualities, cycles, and balance to underpin and guide her work; this ethos is used from concept to process. In an attempt to capture the threshold between the mundane and what is sacred, she is also questioning: What makes a space sacred? Is it the space, shrine, monolith, or personal interaction that defines the experience? Can a painting create a sacred space, and does that change the definition of a painting?The combination of materials she uses continues to grow and has resulted in a body of work that includes collage, sculpture, textiles and painting.
Group exhibitions:
Then and Now: 100 Years of Visual Arts Scotland, Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh, February 17 -March 24 2024
Fatale Art with Verger Creatif, Eve Au Jardin De Pommes, September 3-19 2021
Training Montage, Pineapple Black Gallery ,Middlesbrough, May 24-July 2019
Nous Sommes Fatale, Fatale Art Gallery at Le Livart, Montreal, Canada, May 7-19 2019
Take 10 Winter Show, Lennon-Art Gallery, Edinburgh, November 22 2018-January 2019
Edinburgh Collage Collective collaboration with Mark Murph, Handheld exhibition, limited edition postard set, 13 Dec 2018
Vinylism, The Tent Gallery, Edinburgh Collage Collective presents selected artists, Edinburgh, July 1-13, 2018
Positively Blue, Lennon-Art Gallery, Edinburgh, February 5-18, 2018
Winter show, Bon Papillion Gallery, Edinburgh, November 30, 2017- January 5 2018
ARTIQ at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Waldorf Astoria, Edinburgh, August 3-31, 2017
Fundraising show, Bon Papillion Gallery, Edinburgh, November 17, 2016
Bustin' Out On a Dream- Collagistes Collective with Creative Debuts, Black and White Building, Shoreditch, London, July 7-31, 2016
An art for our time- Collagistes Collective with Creative Debuts, The London Edition Hotel, London, June 10-24, 2016
Autumn show, Bon Papillion, Edinburgh, September 11 –October 9, 2015
Retro, The Makers Gallery and Bistro, Edinburgh, June 30- October 20, 2015
Selected Artists, Twenty Eight shop and studio, Edinburgh, 4th July -17th July, 2015
Light-Colour-Land, Bon Papillion Gallery, Edinburgh, March 7th -April 12, 2013
Christmas Exhibition, Peter Potter Gallery, Edinburgh, November 2012 - January 2013

Solo exhibitions:
Spectators, Woodland Creatures, pop up festival venue, Edinburgh, August 4- September 4 2015
Mythical Parasites: A deconstructed Zine, The Forest Arts and Forest Publishing Edinburgh, May 2022
Strike a Light Publication, Edinburgh Collage Collective, July 2020
A sacred place 3
  • Emma Sutherland
  • A sacred place 3
  • Oil
A sacred place 8
  • Emma Sutherland
  • A sacred place 8
  • Oil
A sacred place 9
  • Emma Sutherland
  • A sacred place 9
  • Oil
Where peace comes dropping slow
  • Emma Sutherland
  • Where peace comes dropping slow
  • Acrylic
You see pieces of me
  • Emma Sutherland
  • You see pieces of me
My Childhood Playground
  • Emma Sutherland
  • My Childhood Playground