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Emma Rankin

Emma Rankin
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Curiosity about the landscape that I am in is a central part of my work, including sampling natural objects such as stone, shell, wood, and waters. Retrospectively, observing the ways in which these objects connect to each other through form, texture or colour allows an appreciation of the worlds within worlds, the micro in the macro and the interconnectedness of everything. Through this process, the relationships between these objects or artefacts become apparent. From year to year, the landscapes remain the same with subtle differences such as storm damage, erosion or flooding; the waters that run through them change constantly, yet remain the same.

My walking practice is as important to the creation of my works as time spent in the studio. Everything from the weather, to the air quality, the temperature that day, as well as the flora and fauna present, pass through my consciousness and are collected as sense data, to be later channelled into my reflective works. Collecting and storing memories of various individual trips across Scotland have come together in my memory, the lens that I visualise my creative work through has been pulling inspiration from these experiences for years without acknowledging it until much later in life. Not only is this visual, it’s multi-sensory memories. The scent, the sound, the elemental feel of a certain place, simultaneously the detachment from other people, and the connectedness of those who experience the same sense of comfortable solitude and the pull towards the great areas of open space.
2009-2011 HNC/HND Dundee College - Fashion & Textiles
2x end of year Fashion Shows & graduate exhibitions (2010, 2011)
2011-2014 Gray’s School of Art (RGU) - BA (Hons) Textile & Surface Design
Erasmus exchange LUCA School of Art, Belgium (Jan - July 2013)
New Designers, London (June 2014)
2014-2015 MA Master of Fine Art LUCA School of Arts, Belgium - Printmaking
Exhibitions - “Den Lovie”, Hasselt 2014
EXIT, Hasselt 2015
The Smell of War (placement), Poperinge 2015
2015-2020. Freelance Photographer and Creative Allrounder
2018-present SCELE Collective (European Artists Collective; Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France)
2018-2020 Recurring Pop-up exhibition Camping Flamingo, Leuven
2020 Teacher Training Certificate (TTC) Yoga Nidra Meditation Practices
2020-present Scottish Society of Artists Member
2020 SSA 30x30 Exhibition
2020-2022 Artists Studio Kandahar House, Launch It, Dundee
2021-present Small business owner - Altitude Yoga Nidra & Meditation Candles @altitudemeditations on Instagram
2021 SSA 30x30 Exhibition
2021-present Generator Artists Collective
2021-2022 MFA DJCAD Dundee, Art, Science & Visual Thinking
Exhibition, SCALE, LifeSpace, Life Sciences, University of Dundee - June 2022
Exhibition, Tales of the Unexpected, Lamb Gallery, Tower Building, University of Dundee - August - October 2022
Exhibition, Masters Show, DJCAD, University of Dundee - September 2022
Exhibition "State of Print", Impact Printmaking Conference, Bristol, September 2022
Artist in Residence University of Dundee Botanical Gardens beginning September 2022
Waters of the Isle of Mull
  • Emma Rankin
  • Waters of the Isle of Mull
  • Photography
The Waters of Scotland
  • Emma Rankin
  • The Waters of Scotland
  • Installation
Waters of Lunan Bay
  • Emma Rankin
  • Waters of Lunan Bay
  • Photography
The Land
  • Emma Rankin
  • The Land
  • Etching
The Sound of Mull (Artists Book and handmade box)
  • Emma Rankin
  • The Sound of Mull (Artists Book and handmade box)
  • Artists Books
The Library (collection of Artists Books)
  • Emma Rankin
  • The Library (collection of Artists Books)
  • Artists Books
An Sochach (laser etch on handmade paper)
  • Emma Rankin
  • An Sochach (laser etch on handmade paper)
  • Paper cutting
The Sound Between (portion of gallery wall)
  • Emma Rankin
  • The Sound Between (portion of gallery wall)
  • Photography