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Emma Butler-Cole Aiken

Emma Butler-Cole Aiken
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I am a stained glass artist making contemporary work using time-honoured traditional methods. As well as making windows, I mould this primarily two-dimensional medium to create sculptural forms - stained glass windows that have escaped from the building and gone for a walk.

Inspired by patterns in trees and landscape, I overlap drawings and collage in various materials to develop compositions. Continuing with glass in a painterly way to maintain the immediacy and movement of the initial thought, the dynamic is captured.

I am passionate about colour and how colours interact. I enjoy the way light brings coloured glass to life and the shadows cast by direct sunlight. I am particularly drawn to deep blues. Blue trees and branches have become my visual language for unseen connections and realities.
E/Motion exhibition, The Enchanted Garden near Jodoigne, Belgium.
Expressions of Nature Sculpture Art Walk, Sussex Prairie Garden.
Artist Friends of Sannox exhibition and workshops, Sannox Christian Centre, Arran.
Small items are also currently on show at:
Pyramid Gallery, York
Whitehouse Gallery, Kirkcudbright
Strathearn Gallery, Crieff
Mallaig Gallery
Flat Cat Gallery, Lauder
Tolquhon Gallery, Ellon
Milton Art Gallery, Banchory
The International Year of Glass Garden, Chelsea Flower Show.
Garden of Hope opening weekend, Connections, Selkirk.

2018 'The Tree of Jesse' window commissioned for Glasgow Cathedral

1984 - 1988 Edinburgh College of Art BA(Hons) Stained Glass Design
Mecanopsis: Look Up
  • Emma Butler-Cole Aiken
  • Mecanopsis: Look Up
Mecanopsis: Purple
  • Emma Butler-Cole Aiken
  • Mecanopsis: Purple
Two Wings and a Prayer
  • Emma Butler-Cole Aiken
  • Two Wings and a Prayer
Silver Leaves (pair)
  • Emma Butler-Cole Aiken
  • Silver Leaves (pair)
Anemone (Dark Blue Centre)
  • Emma Butler-Cole Aiken
  • Anemone (Dark Blue Centre)
Anemone (Purple Centre)
  • Emma Butler-Cole Aiken
  • Anemone (Purple Centre)
Peony (pair)
  • Emma Butler-Cole Aiken
  • Peony (pair)
Two Wings and a Prayer (pair)
  • Emma Butler-Cole Aiken
  • Two Wings and a Prayer (pair)