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Emily Ingrey-Counter

Emily Ingrey-Counter
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My desire is to create fresh and energetic drawings of the natural world through direct and immediate mark making. Both sensitive and visceral, I want my drawings to capture fleeting moments and experiences in nature. I mostly work outside, focussing on the things that capture my attention within the landscape and the wildlife that inhabits it. I believe that spending time in the outdoors refreshes and energises us and its the memory of that which I want to stir within the viewer.

This current body of work is a celebration of trees, of their beauty and magnificence within the natural world. My aim is to communicate the joy, energy and expansiveness I feel when I am outdoors, surrounded by nature and in the woodlands near my home.

My work begins with many drawings made from life which I constantly refer to throughout my process. These are translated into paintings, made on a heavily prepared surface of mark and colour, which is later revealed in surprising and unexpected ways between the layers of paint. Through the use of spontaneous marks and and colourful textures I aim to reflect the wild and untamed complexities in nature and capture for the viewer the essence of being in among the trees and their ever changing, evolving life.
Scottish Ornithologist’s Club, Aberlady, August 2020, Summer 2023
‘Elements’, The Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh, June 2023
Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA) Annual Exhibition “The Natural Eye”, Mall Galleries, London, October 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
The Marchmont Gallery, Spring 2017, 2018, 2019, 2023
The Found Gallery, Dunbar, 2018, 2019, 2020, 21/22, 2023/2024
SWLA Bursary Winner for The Seabird Drawing Course, June 2018
Work selected for ‘The Edinburgh Art Book’, BENNETT, E.,ed. The Edinburgh Art Book, UIT/ Green Books, Cambridge, June 2019
Field Trip to Isle of May, Firth of Forth, April 2017/2018/2022
Field Trip to Shiant Isles, Outer Hebrides, May 2017
Primary and Secondary School Art and Design Teacher, East Lothian (2004-2016)
PGCE in Art and Design from Edinburgh University, Moray House 2004
Graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a BA Hons Degree in Applied Arts, 1998
Spring is coming soon
  • Emily Ingrey-Counter
  • Spring is coming soon
  • Mixed Media
 Woodland in spring,  88.5 x 76cm
  • Emily Ingrey-Counter
  • Woodland in spring, 88.5 x 76cm
  • Mixed Media
Scots Pine and winter sun
  • Emily Ingrey-Counter
  • Scots Pine and winter sun
  • Mixed Media
Summer  104 x 56 cm
  • Emily Ingrey-Counter
  • Summer 104 x 56 cm
  • Mixed Media
Woodland sunrise,  70 x 92cm
  • Emily Ingrey-Counter
  • Woodland sunrise, 70 x 92cm
  • Mixed Media