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Elizabeth Radcliffe

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I have always been interested in the clothes people wear, the way they drape the body and the patterns and textures involved.
I like to weave life sized figures which present a challenges in scale and in weaving patterns and textures and also finishing them in a shaped way which makes them appear more three-dimensional.
I am also interested in weaving smaller work, usually involving patterned animals, especially around the eye area.
These two areas I find interesting because tapestry has the ability to represent the tactile qualities of these subjects
I also enjoy weaving knots which have a sculptural quality, casting interesting shadows
Edinburgh College of Art 1972-73, 1975-78.

Australian Tapestry Workshop Spring, 1980

Exhibitions include:-
Australian Miniature Textiles, Sydney
Contemporary British Tapestry, University of East Anglia
Dublin - Edinburgh Show, Edinburgh
Tapestry His and Hers, Tweeddale Museum, Peebles
The Scottish Show, Musee de Design et d'arts Appliques
Contemporains, Lausanne
Tapestry Four Voices, Tweeddale Museum, Peebles
The Inventors of Tradition, Glasgow
Town and Gown Conflict, The Kunstalle, Zurich
S.T.A.R., The French Institute, Edinburgh
Decorum, Musee d'Art Modernes de la Ville de Paris
Nieves, Bonnie and Teddy
  • Elizabeth Radcliffe
  • Nieves, Bonnie and Teddy
  • Tapestry
Young Joo
  • Elizabeth Radcliffe
  • Young Joo
  • Tapestry
Marc Camille
  • Elizabeth Radcliffe
  • Marc Camille
  • Tapestry
Caron in Caramac
  • Elizabeth Radcliffe
  • Caron in Caramac
  • Tapestry
Caron in Sheepskin
  • Elizabeth Radcliffe
  • Caron in Sheepskin
  • Tapestry
Zebra and Baby
  • Elizabeth Radcliffe
  • Zebra and Baby
  • Tapestry
Leopard's Eyes
  • Elizabeth Radcliffe
  • Leopard's Eyes
  • Tapestry
  • Elizabeth Radcliffe
  • Knots
  • Tapestry