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Elisa Coffey

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My work is a documentation of past and present places, and a search for calm within feelings of temporality. I draw and paint from observations of my surroundings, and from images I have taken on my phone; quiet everyday moments, towns and cities past, interesting light catching buildings or nature, and architecture framing landscapes. Through my practice, I am building and forming new, imagined spaces that ultimately explore themes of stability and fragility induced by the notion of temporality. Stability is explored through shapes, objects, and structure; fragility through surfaces, mark making, and materiality. Considered use of colour generates feelings of tranquillity and familiarity, yet broken compositions suggest something frail and distant.

My practice crosses between the realms of drawing and painting. There is a tactility that draws the work together; I use drawing materials in a painterly and sculptural way. I often mix pure oil with charcoal and acrylic paint to make them very fluid and malleable. With this mixture I can push, rub, wipe, and create interesting surfaces to draw onto. The base of my work is mostly newsprint paper. When coated with the oil based mixture, it can become so fragile, transparent and and pane-like. Yet if cut and folded it can be structural, almost solid. Newsprint is non-archival, but I am drawn to the impermanence of it. Using this material means that my work will inevitably change over time just as nature and architecture does.
BA(Hons) Fine Art: Painting and Printmaking, Glasgow School of Art, 2014-2018

Glasgow School of Art Degree Show, Tontine Studios, Glasgow, 2018
Lost and Found Edges, New Glasgow Society ( with Beth Cowey), 2018
Material Girl, Stereo, Glasgow, 2017
Series Three, The Glue Factory, Glasgow, 2016
25% Extra, Lauriston Arches, Glasgow, 2016
PAT Tested, McLellan Galeries, Glasgow, 2016
Artist's Book Club, Good Press Gallery, Glasgow, 2016

Art Class Tutor, 1 Hillside Studio, Bridge of Weir, SCOTLAND, 2022
IMPACT Arts, Creative Assistant [Visual Arts], North Ayrshire, SCOTLAND, 2019, 2022
Bango ARTS, Art with English Tutor, Gijón, SPAIN, 2020
Untitled Daffodil
  • Elisa Coffey
  • Untitled Daffodil
  • Mixed Media
Untitled Shadow
  • Elisa Coffey
  • Untitled Shadow
  • Mixed Media