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David short

David short
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I am fairly new to creating my own work. After attending evening and weekend classes I applied to Leith School of Art Edinburgh and was accepted on the year long painting course. On this journey I continue to wonder if art is intuitive or something that can be learnt. My current assessment is that is something you can learn; however, I do think that the “X Factor” is needed to be truly great.

My table series work featured in my portfolio depicts blocks of colour and shapes across a canvas. I spend time mixing colour and getting a balance across the canvas created by interesting but familiar shapes. I occasionally use a sketch book, but my research usually involves looking at various object shapes (some that I have collected on my travels).

When applying paint I am intuitive and free flowing once started. If I create marks and colour combinations, I like I leave alone. I think this gives the work a sense of being carefree and fun and a little naive and childlike.
The table is a mechanism to allow me to create different shapes within blocks of colour and give balance to the composition and the black border gives the blocks of colour more vibrancy.

My aspiration is that I continue to create pieces with a distinctive signature that puts a smile on the face of the observer.
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