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Daniel Gough

Daniel Gough
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I like Art to portray reality but with the heart of a child, allowing things to still mystify and spark imagination. I believe drawings especially have the ability to fascinate and disarm a viewer. Perhaps due to our exposure to this practice as part of our 'educational play' with crayons and colored pencils in our childhood, they bring us into the inner workings of the mind, of imagination and wonder. They are immediate and honest - allowing us to communicate a whole storm of conflicting emotions and opinions, things that we would otherwise struggle to put into words – in an instant.


It was as if I retapped into this when I started incorporating my own hand drawn animation into the documentary footage of my recent practice. Together these disparate mediums create the closest thing we have to how we actually experience real life. For our lives are not merely the outer day to day activities but a whole flow of inner thoughts and memories and dreams – coalescing together. Even the most rational of people spend half their lives in their head.
Director & Lead Animator - Night Gardener 2023 - Feature Film currently in development. Produced by Anne Milne and Sonja Henrici. In collaboration with Creative Scotland and Ffilm Wales.

Director & Co Founder of ‘Hand-Drawn Pictures’ 2020 reg company.

IDFA 2021 - 'Night Gardener' selected for the producers forum at the worlds largest documentary festival.

Edinburgh Pitch 2021 - Night Gardener was Selected for globally recognised funding platform with panel of full industry members such as Netflix, Sundance Film Festival, The Guardian, Sky Arts, BBC Scotland, POV, Arte and IDFA Film Festival.

Doc-Celerator 2021 - Project selected for development + treatment workshops for feature documentary films, in collaboration with Ove Jensen and Geoffrey Smith (The English Surgeon)

(2022) Outdoor Arts & Mixed Media Commissions for the Cycle Arts Festival - To create a large scale outdoor muirel for the cycle path festival in Paisley - Fine Artist ‘ Waulking to the beat of the Sea’

(2022) Storytelling festival - Digital experiment - Director ‘The Immram I am in’

(2021) Freeflight UK charity - Short commercial film - Director ‘To Small Adventures’

Wander in Wonder 2020 - Creative Consultant for an interactive audio art piece with award winning film director Anne Milne - funded through the charity ‘Sustrans’

Short Films:
Director - The Waiting Room (2020) Unreleased Short film optioned into feature film ‘Night Gardener’
Director - BBC WALES (2015) - ‘The Plan’ released on iplayer and BBC Wales S4C.
Director - ‘Lu’ na. tic’ - (2010) Graduation Short Film
Waulking Woman Leap
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Dead Soldier
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  • Dead Soldier
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Dream Journal
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Life Drawing
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Atelier Life Drawing
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