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Claire White

Claire White
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I am a queer, non binary person in the north east of England. I am also neurodivergent and disabled.
I love making work where people can feel heard, seen, identify with and feel like they’re not alone.
This is important because being disabled and excluded from society on multiple levels is an isolating experience. It feels good to have someone say I know, I understand, and it’s unfair.
My work I would describe as expressing the messy human condition of big emotions. Shame, guilt, grief, anger and sadness alongside other people’s assumptions, judgments and beliefs. These emerge in our society in everything from politics to social shaming through the media.
I love the way my work is both decorative and beautiful yet carries these darker meanings and undercurrents. It’s about drawing in the eye and then questioning beliefs, messages and judgments that we make.
I love doing socially engaged work and have previous experience in a number of museum and gallery contexts of working with complex communities and doing co-production.
MA, Museum Studies
BA Hons, Art and Design

Recent activity:
Making autistic witch videos: Instagram: the_autistic_witch_uk: YouTube channel:@clairepurple-white1150

Making textile tales videos: I began making these videos to explain some of the research and thinking behind my textile pieces. Instagram: the_autistic_witch_uk: YouTube channel:@clairepurple-white1150

Working with a disability group linked to partnership with the Baltic and Project Artworks. I began working with these as I was invited to take part in a discussion at the Baltic as a disabled artist. It grew from there to me being part of the consultation group and working to raise access for disabled artists in particular into exhibiting and raising their profile.

Created and built my own website with very little technology knowledge! Website is: https://klairepurplewhite.com/

Exhibitions and digital displays
Creative Central Newcastle – partnership with Helix Arts, Alphabeti Theatre and System Art Gallery. Public posting and zine of artworks across Newcastle upon Tyne. 1st June 2024 – throughout the Summer. (Addiction monster, featured on website showcased)

Acceptance into Hndle Magazine for writing and Artwork, June 2024 (digital)

Norfolk Street Arts, Neurodiverse Artist Exhibition,
12th February 2024 - 20th March 2024 (physical as part of 3 other neurodivergent artists)

Circular Artspace, Flare: 28th August - 13th September 2023 (digital)

NewBridge Project (home exhibition) open call, The Burning Anger displayed. Sept 22 (physical)

Road to Recovery Trust, Newcastle: 2021- present. 4 pieces on permanent loan. These pieces are on the theme of addiction and recovery (physical display)

Artists in Recovery (AiR) group of artists in the North East in recovery from some sort of addiction. Work shown in various venues in Newcastle. From 2019 – 2022

Recent commissions:
The Burning Anger
  • Claire White
  • The Burning Anger
  • Stitched
The Burning Anger Detail
  • Claire White
  • The Burning Anger Detail
  • Stitched
  • Claire White
  • Coventina
  • Stitched
Coventina face detail
  • Claire White
  • Coventina face detail
  • Stitched
Coventina dragon detail
  • Claire White
  • Coventina dragon detail
  • Stitched
Mary Magdalene
  • Claire White
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Stitched
Mary Magdalene face detail
  • Claire White
  • Mary Magdalene face detail
  • Stitched
Mary Magdalene hand detail
  • Claire White
  • Mary Magdalene hand detail
  • Stitched