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Charlotte Roseberry

Charlotte Roseberry
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Charlotte’s practice is an ongoing exploration of the internal landscape, using a symbolic visual language to decipher the inward reflections and conversations that profoundly shape the outward gaze. By delving into the psychic nuances of human experience, the artist aims to capture sensations and moments that are difficult to articulate, rendering them into their most simplistic and reduced forms.
The artist frequently employs motifs such as "portals" or "windows" to suggest a sense of observation or "peering in." These apertures serve as viewing platforms for the onlooker, creating a sense of separateness and distance. This metaphorical distance allows viewers to engage with the inner world presented, fostering a deeper contemplation of their own internal landscapes.
In the work, the artist experiments with the interplay of ambient hues and bolder colours, contrasting them to create contradictions within the composition. This interplay provokes feelings of tension and sometimes unease, inviting viewers to confront the complexities and dualities of their own emotional and psychological states.
Her style is abstract and graphic, characterized by flat expansive spaces interrupted by monolithic shapes and contours. These interruptions are intentional, designed to disrupt the visual field and evoke a sense of dislocation and reflection. Through this approach, the artist strives to create a dialogue between the viewer and the artwork, encouraging an introspective journey that mirrors the inward exploration central to the practice.
Ultimately, the artist's work is a meditation on the interplay between the internal and external, the seen and the unseen. By stripping down complex emotions and thoughts to
Born in 1989, Sunderland, North East England.

Charlotte graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a First Class Honours Degree in 2013 and now lives in the Scottish Borders with her children.

Charlotte has exhibited at The Royal Scottish Academy's Annual Exhibition and has had four solo shows to date. Other well-known galleries displaying her work include Arusha Gallery, The Biscuit Factory, Tatha Gallery, Kirkcudbright Galleries, and Upright Gallery. The painter has taken home a handful of prestigious awards, including The Andrew Grant Bequest Scholarship, The Bothy Project Prize and The Edinburgh University Collections Prize. Charlotte was also selected for The New Contemporaries and New Scottish Artists at the Fleming Collection, London, and has been published in The Catlin Guide: New Artists in the UK. She is a professional member of the Scottish Society of Artists and Visual Arts Scotland.