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Carmen Carmeli

Carmen Carmeli
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I was born in the North of Spain and brought to the South, living in the coast of Granada since I was a day old.
I was adopted and I haven’t got any knowledge of my biological family. This I guess influences my work in my choice of materials...mainly a variety of earths that I gather from the places I paint, a process that grounds beautifully my energy and emotions.
My practice is an ongoing dialogue with those materials that I mainly source from nature. Responding to their qualities and colours, I layer, erode, polish and build up the surface in a process of creation and destruction. It’s often lots of fun! The resulting works are inmediate, tactile, weighty objects inspired by the abstract patterns found in nature.
BA Hons fine arts at Ruskin Anglia University, Cambridge, UK.
Graduate of Leith School of Art in Painting, Edinburgh, UK.
Earlier education in Spain and USA.

I’ve shown my work in joint exhibitions, like the VAS annual exhibition. The Lime Tree gallery. The Edinburgh Palette gallery, the Bruton Art Society annual exhibition, the Edinburgh Colony of Artist annual exhibition...Only a few works at a time as the process to make them is extremely long. I mainly sell privately, please get in touch if you'd like to come to my studio and see how I work.
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