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Camila Ospina Gaitan

Camila  Ospina Gaitan
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​I am a Colombian Visual artist. It started with my own identity as a Colombian woman, deconstructing the international sexualization and stereotyping of Latino women. Nevertheless, the investigation has transformed into a more global understanding of the sexualization and objectification of the female body. This body of work questions the ongoing colonial perception of the female body and works as a decolonization response where the body is thought of as a form of communication, a site of politics, history, and resistance.

My research process starts in different ways. Sometimes it arises from a personal experience an example is “I don't twerk for you motherfucker” 2021. In other cases from an idea; and in some instances from a technique or a specific material “GlassBreast” 2020. I work with sculpture, installation, and mix media. I look for a dialogue between form and content. Each piece employs specific techniques that develop in accordance with what projects seek to express. In general, there is a weaving of different cultures: Japanese, Colombian, and the UK—places where I have lived for different periods.​
2019. MFA. Master in contemporary art practice. Edimburgh college of art. Scotland- Edinburgh.
2019. Vivir del arte. Comercialización del arte. Marte incubadora, Bogotá Colombia. Ramiro Camelo.
2018. NC gallery Lab.​​​
2018. Practica de artes visuales en el Ministerio de Cultura. Bogotá - Colombia
2018. Javeriana University. Visual Artist. Bogotá - Colombia.
​2017.Universidad de Caldas ISEA festival. Manizales - Colombia.
2017.Escuela de artes y oficios Santo Domingo. Fundición(Metal- Art). Bogotá- Colombia.
2016 - 2017. LAP Scholarship ( Latin American Program) Japan.
Exchange program with Javeriana University
Sophia University/ 上智大学 ( Tokyo)
Nanzan University/南山大学 (Nagoya)

Residencies and Awards
2023.The Great Britain Sasakawa Award.
2022. Nominated to Creative Edinburgh Awards in the category of Freelancers.
2022. Northlands Creative Residency: Radcliffe Trust Award, Creative Scotland and EU Creatives.
2021. Master of fine arts with Merit ( Progression and awards). Edinburgh College of Arts.

2024.VAS Centenary Then and Now. Edinburgh Scotland.
2023 -2024. An Uncanny Feeling That She Was Being Watched. Meadows Galleries Sumerhall.
2023.Visual Pleasure and Narrative (Solo show). Arts Spot Korin. Kyoto Japan
2023. Blur·Borroso·Unsharfë. Orbit Altona. Hamburg
2022. Thorn in the Flesh (Solo show). Out of the Blue. Scotland
2022. Annuale. Embassy gallery .Edinburgh Scotland
2022.Reverb. Annual Exhibition VAS (Visual Arts of Scotland). Edinburgh
2021. Graduation Show Edinburgh College of Art. Scotland
​2021. Compacta- Friends- 3D vinci Studios. Curation of Frankling Aguirre. Colombia
2020. Mirar Distinto. Mexico.
2020. Con Intención. Estudio 74 Gallery. Artbo- Weekend. Bogotá Colombia.
2019.Salon des refusés. Embasy gallery. Edinburgh ​
2018. We art Colombia MIAMI. Miami art week . Miami - USA
2018. 16SRA Salón Regional Artístico: Observatorio Artístico Zona centro. - Villa De Ley Va Colombia
2018. Emergente: Bogotá - Colombia.