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Camila Ospina Gaitan

Camila  Ospina Gaitan
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I am a Colombian Visual artist. My work attempts to reveal identities through the aesthetics of ordinary ; a place, a city, a population, a house. Nowadays, I am working on my master's investigation “FARRRA”, it started with my own identity as a Colombian woman, deconstructing the international sexualization and stereotyping of Latino women. Nevertheless, the investigation has transformed into a more global understanding of the sexualization and objectification of the female body. This body of work questions the ongoing colonial perception of the female body and works as a decolonization response where the body is thought of as a form of communication a site of politics, history, and resistance.

My research process starts in different ways. Sometimes it arises from a personal experience an example is “I dont twerk for you motherfucker” 2021. In other cases from an idea; and in some instances from a technique or a specific material (“GlassBreast” 2020). I work with sculptural installation, and in a parallel way, with photography. I look for a dialogue between form and content. Each piece employs specific techniques that develop in accordance with what projects seek to express. In general, there is a weaving of different cultures: Japanese, Colombian, and the UK—places where I have lived for different periods
2019. MFA. Master in contemporary art practice. Edimburgh college of art. Scotland- Edinburgh.
2019. Vivir del arte. Comercialización del arte. Marte incubadora, Bogotá Colombia. Ramiro Camelo.
2018. NC gallery Lab.​​​
2018. Practica de artes visuales en el Ministerio de Cultura. Bogotá - Colombia
2018. Javeriana University. Visual Artist. Bogotá - Colombia.
​2017.Universidad de Caldas ISEA festival. Manizales - Colombia.
2017.Escuela de artes y oficios Santo Domingo. Fundición(Metal- Art). Bogotá- Colombia.
2016 - 2017. LAP Scholarship ( Latin American Program) Japan.
Exchange program with Javeriana University
Sophia University/ 上智大学 ( Tokyo)
Nanzan University/南山大学 (Nagoya)

Residencies and Awards
2022. Northlands Creative and Radcliffe Trust Award

2022.Reverb. Annual Exhibition VAS (Visual Arts of Scotland). Edinburgh
2021. Graduation Show Edinburgh College of Art. Scotland
​2021. Compacta- Friends- 3D vinci Studios. Curation of Frankling Aguirre. Colombia
2020. Mirar Distinto. Mexico.
2020. Con Intención. Estudio 74 Gallery. Artbo- Weekend. Bogotá Colombia.
2019.Salon des refusés. Embasy gallery. Edinburgh ​
2018. We art Colombia MIAMI. Miami art week . Miami - USA
2018. 16SRA Salón Regional Artístico: Observatorio Artístico Zona centro. - Villa De Ley Va Colombia
2018. Emergente: Bogotá - Colombia. Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
2017. Feria del Millón.

2019. Publicacion de la "LA CASA家" libro completo por la editorial academica española ISBN: 978-620-0-00980-7

2019. Publicación de articulo "LA CASA" basada en mi tesis en la revista academica Maid in casa,, por la Universidad Pedagogica Tecnologica de Colombia.ISSN 2256-3261