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Camila Cavalcante

Camila Cavalcante
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Camila Cavalcante is a visual artist with a background in journalism and art criticism with a varied interest in investigating the conceptual, sentimental and social perception of art. Through the use of documentary photography, her work intertwines embroidery, collage and installation to create a place in which the idea of ‘private’ and ‘public’ overlap and complement each other.

Coming from the Northeast coast of Brazil and, after living in three other countries, settling in Scotland, she is curious about finding common ground between different cultures, countries and people. The study of the landscape led her to explore the way it unfolds into abstracted ideas of space, ‘bodyscape’ and social conventions. She uses photography to project herself onto her subjects, dissolving perceived borders, cultural differences and nationalities; immersing herself, her body and her art into a shared anthropological experience.

Camila holds a degree in Journalism from the Federal University of Alagoas, a post-graduate degree in Journalism and Cultural Criticism from the Federal University of Pernambuco, both in Brazil and a Masters of the Arts degree from University of Westminster, in London. She won two photography national prizes in her home country and took part in over 20 exhibitions in Brazil, US and UK.

Camila lives in Edinburgh and works for the London School of Photography
Solo Exhibitions:
2017-05 #Scar, Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh - UK
2017 #Scar, El Leñero Gallery, Puebla - Mexico
2016-06 #Nós Por Todas, Largo das Artes, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
2014-11 #Decifro, Pinacoteca Universitária Gallery, Maceió - Brazil
2007-03 #Mulheres por uma Mulher, Iguatemi Shopping, Maceió - Brazil
In Collaboration:
2016-11 #Re:Place, Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh - UK
2012-02 #Eternecer, Sesc Gallery, Arapiraca - Brazil
2011-09 #Eternecer, Pinacoteca Universitária Gallery, Maceió - Brazil
2007-01 #Romaria, Ufal, Maceió - Brazil
2016-01 #Converge, Visual Art Scotland, Edinburgh - UK
2015-10 #SPA Relax do Casal, Casacor, Maceió - Brazil
2015-11 #Edinburgh Art Fair, The Sutton Gallery, Edinburgh - UK
2015-08 #Festival Exhibition, The Sutton Gallery, Edinburgh - UK
2015-03 #Expressões do Feminino na Arte Alagoana, CESMAC Gallery, Maceió - Brazil
2014-03 #Águas, IPHAN, Maceió - Brazil
2013-07 #The Story of the Creative, See Exhibition Space, New York - US
2011-12 #XXVII Salão de Arte da Marinha, Centro de Convenções, Maceió - Brazil
2009-09 #Off the Page, P3 Gallery, London - UK
2007-09 #Ser em Seis, Ufal, Maceió - Brazil
2007-08 #Ser em Seis, Fits, Maceió - Brazil
2007-07 #HUM, Senac Gallery, Maceió - Brazil
2007-03 #II Fotogarça, Senac Gallery, Maceió - Brazil
2003 #Fitando a Rua, Art House, Maceió - Brazil
Art Residencies:
2016-06 #Despina, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
2015-09 #Arquetopia Foundation for Development, Puebla - Mexico
2015-06 #Stiwdio Maelor, Lower Corris - UK
Photography Teacher:
2016-to date #London School of Photography, London - UK
2014-to date #WHALE Arts, Edinburgh - UK
2017-01 #Saber Fazer Cursos, Maceió - Brazil
Scar Series, Puebla I
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Scar Series, Puebla II
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Scar Series, Puebla IV
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Scar Series, Puebla IV
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Displacement Series IV
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Displacement Series V
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Displacement Series XIII
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Displacement Series VI
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