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Callum Russell

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My practice is concerned with the changing cultures of language and writing under the influence of digital technologies. I am interested in how these developments have had a massive effect on language use, and how effectively these post-digital experiences can be translated into physical formats using traditional methods of making.
I use practices associated with concrete poetry and conceptual writing as well as abstract drawing and painting. I would classify my work somewhere between poetry, painting, and translation.
I am interested in constraint based processes, the written word as object, and the blurring of the boundaries between familiar and unfamiliar communication.

Contemporary artist and writer based in Edinburgh.
Master's degree from Edinburgh College of Art in 2017.

Recent Exhibitions include:
Recent Work 2019, 93 Dundas Street, Edinburgh, November 2019
Meaning machines, Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh, November 2018
SHINER, West Barns Arts, Dunbar, June 2018
Glassmount, Co-Director with Daniel Cook on 'Glassmount' film, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, May 2018
Outlines, Urbane Art Gallery, Edinburgh, November, 2017
MA Degree show, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, August 2017
Fans, Vampires, Trolls, Masters, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, May 2017
Edinburgh Student Arts Festival, City Arts Centre, Edinburgh, April 2017
Pleasure Dome, Suede Gallery, Edinburgh, December 2016