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Bridget Lanham

Bridget Lanham
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Colour is laden with the processes of time
Nothing is static
Time is fluid, moves fast and slow
Stops and flows
Seasons change and pause
Time moves forward
Colour permeates everything

Landscape and Nature in all its forms are the inspiration for Bridget Lanham’s works. She distils the colours, geological forms, natural growth, earth patterns, weather metamorphoses and moods of what she observes in the landscape. Bridget abstracts the many landscape drawings and sketches to reach the simplified essence of her vision.

‘If one tugs at a single thing in nature you find it attached to the rest of the world.’ –John Muir
Bridget Lanham

1953-1957 Edinburgh College of Art

1997–1998 Leith School of Art

Bridget Lanham has participated in many group exhibitions and solo shows, including VAS and SSA Annual Exhibitions at the RSA Edinburgh.