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Brian Samwell

Brian Samwell
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My art is driven by social concern. I aim to make work which questions consumption and compliance, and highlights the fragility of the world we live in. Yet, whether figurative or abstract, structure and form are important to me: the curves of a baby’s body, the shapes in rusted iron, the pattern of waltz steps across a floor. I particularly enjoy exploring the lines created when combining everyday objects, the tension in works which are off-balance, and the joy in making art from rubbish.
I came late to making art. Almost failing O level, I re-discovered art 40 years later through stone carving workshops in Edinburgh and the Borders, and land art in the Border’s hills. In 2016 I retired from 30 years of children’s nursing, to focus on art. My intention to continue with sculpture was challenged by Contemporary Art Practice at Edinburgh College. Here I discovered a universe of figurative, abstract and conceptual art, and an enthusiasm for 2D work, in a variety of media, and sculpture in stone, metal and found objects. I continue to work with a broad range of materials and approaches. One day I will settle down.
Previous life
BA Sociology, Post-graduate certificate in education, Registered Sick Children’s Nurse, Masters in clinical nursing practice
Stone carving at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, tutor Alex Lopez.
Stone carving with Sushiela Jamieson, Drumelzier, Scottish Borders.
Edinburgh College, Contemporary Art Practice Foundation (distinction) and HNC.
Group exhibitions:
Losing sight of the shore, Generator Projects, Dundee May 2018
Making chalk marks on water, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, July 2018
Solo exhibition.
Improbable Objects, Peebles Library, July 2018.
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Remember, remember
  • Brian Samwell
  • Remember, remember
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Mary had a little iPod
  • Brian Samwell
  • Mary had a little iPod
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Line of Dance
  • Brian Samwell
  • Line of Dance
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Affordable - aflame. Grenfell
  • Brian Samwell
  • Affordable - aflame. Grenfell
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Just look! (National Museum of Scotland)
  • Brian Samwell
  • Just look! (National Museum of Scotland)
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