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Belinda Rose

Belinda Rose
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I’m a handweaver who experiments and explores. I love the experience of handling beautiful fabric and using texture and colour to create fabric and artwork.

Taking inspiration from drawings, paintings, and photographs with a wide range of subject, I am intrigued to to find ways to interpret them in cloth.

I work with image editing software which instructs a digitally operated part of my handloom. The weaving process is carried out by hand, allowing me to study the fabric as it grows and respond with adjustments in yarn, texture, colour and structure.

Designing jacquard weave uses textile and computer skills acquired over the years. Working in the jacquard medium is a perfect fit for me.
Textile Education
2008-09 Recognition Analysis & Cataloging of Textiles at the Lisio Foundation, Florence
1982: Bradford Certificate in Handweaving

Group Exhibitions
'Crossover' Borås, Sweden, 2017
'Mind and Memory' Aberdeen, 2017
Aberdeen Artists, 2014
Aberdeen Artists, 2011
Coast Festival: Show Your Hand, 2012
Fabric of the Land, Geology Department, Aberdeen University, 2009, 2010 and 2011.
Association of Weavers Spinners Dyers Guilds, National Exhibition, Wells 2004 & Liverpool 2008.
Blue Ridge Handweaving Show, North Carolina, 2000 & 2002.
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Detail from 'Connection'
  • Belinda Rose
  • Detail from 'Connection'
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Remembering 9 Ways
  • Belinda Rose
  • Remembering 9 Ways
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Detail from 'Remembering'
  • Belinda Rose
  • Detail from 'Remembering'
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