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Ayshia Taskin

Ayshia Taskin
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Ayshia Taskin is an Intermedia artist with a practice spanning a multitude of techniques like building performative sculptures, latex modelling, digital art, moving image, VR world-building, printmaking, installation, web-based and Livestream/VR/Crypto-performance art and Blockchain NFT culture.

Her practice focuses on the use and merging of high- and low-tech production methods. For her, all methods playfully explored and experimented. Within her video work, Ayshia uses aesthetic ‘corruption’, glitch, 3D modelling software, generative, greenscreen, AI and data-bending to merge sci-fi and mythology with the interplay of both sides of technology by mixing the digital with analogue techniques.

Ayshia’s works have been shown in Venice [Surfaces Festival], The Festival of Contemporary Art in Athens, Ely Centre for Contemporary Art, USA, Screen-print Biennial, USA, Transcultural Exchange in Boston, Dfbrll8r Gallery at Zhou B Art Centre in Chicago, Taos Centre for the Arts, New Mexico, Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh, Glasgow International Art Festival, Performance Køkkenet, Copenhagen, Zembla Gallery, Scotland, Noemata/#biennale.no, Bangkok Biennial, Thailand, Galerie XY, Olomouc, Czech Republic, MoWNA Biennial, New York and many virtual exhibitions.

During the summer of 2019, Ayshia developed [SHIFT:ibpcpa]; an independent performance art biennale which, in association with The Wall Space Gallery, showcases the work of international artists using web-based Crypto, VR and Livestream technologies.

As well as curate shows, Ayshia collects NFT and Crypto artworks from a variety of Blockchain platforms and cryptocurrencies. Her interest in NFT and Crypto Art stems from the decentralised nature and accessibility the space offers. Her curiosity lays in what the space could evolve to become for society
ED: ECA, Intermedia Art, 2014-18 / CAP 2018-2020

2020, “Screenprint Biennial”, Tennessee & New York, USA
2020, “QuAR(T)antine”, Performance Køkkenet, Copenhagen, DK
2020, “AIRO”, ColdBench, Online Art Residency, International
2020, “Lockdown Performances“, The Wall Space Gallery, Periscope, UK
2020, “Witchy: Feminist Exhibition”, Ely Centre for Contemporary Art, New Haven, USA
2020, “The Wonders of Women”, WOW Gallery, Miami, USA
2020, “TCAE”, YEE (Yunus Emre Enstitüsü), London, England
2019, “3rd-Thursday”, Arts, Letters & Numbers, New York, USA
2019, “Cyan.rar”, Islington Arts Factory, London, England
2019, “IGNEOUS”, Sculpture Court, Edinburgh, Scotland
2019, “How Women Occupy Space”, Sculpture Court, Edinburgh, Scotland
2019, “Eclectic Boundaries”, W.A.S Biennale, Edinburgh, Scotland
2019, “Whistle Project”, Athens, Greece
2019, “Transient”, The Unit, Glasgow, Scotland
2019, Apthorp Gallery, London, England
2019, Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland
2019, “Gizzard”, The Wee Red, Edinburgh, Scotland
2019, “RMPS”, Edinburgh, Scotland
2018, “Fold”, Contemporary Art Space, Venice, Italy
2018, “Fold”, Online Performance Art Festival, Online, International
2018, “Fold”, Misercordia, Venice, Italy
2018, “Dynamics Of Touch”, Contemporary Art Space, Venice, Italy
2018, “Dynamics Of Touch”, Ca’ Zanardi, Venice, Italy
2016, “Thinking About Food Differently”, Evolution House, Edinburgh, Scotland
2016, “The Circus Between Worlds” Glasgow International, Glasgow, Scotland
2016, “Bookmarks (Artist Book Fair)”, Sculpture Court, Edinburgh, Scotland
2015, “Fresh Meat”, The Space Club, Edinburgh, Scotland
2014, “Inauguration”, ECA, Edinburgh, Scotland
2014, Graduate Exhibition – GCC, Glasgow, Scotland
2013, “Building Scotland, Regenerating Renfrewshire”, Paisley, Scotland
2012, Paisley Museum and Art Gallery, Paisley, Scotland

2020, “Lockdown Performances”, Periscope, International/Virtual/Online
2018, “Residue”, Ponte de Paterniàn, San Marco, Venice, Italy
2018, “Paradise Corns”, ECA, Room B14, Edinburgh, Scotland
2018, “Cornucopia”, ECA, Edinburgh, Scotland
2017, “CU-CO”, ECA, Edinburgh, Scotland
2016, “Anon Train Artist”, Public Transport, Edinburgh|Falkirk|Glasgow, Scotland
2017, “Fold + 1”, Public Performance, Holyrood, Edinburgh, Scotland
2016, “Tiny Haunds”, Public Performance Art, Falkirk, Scotland
2016, “Fold”, Public Performance Art, Edinburgh,
VIS_-06 (performance-photography)
  • Ayshia Taskin
  • VIS_-06 (performance-photography)
  • Performance
VIS_-010 (performance-photography)
  • Ayshia Taskin
  • VIS_-010 (performance-photography)
  • Performance
VIS_-012 (performance-photography)
  • Ayshia Taskin
  • VIS_-012 (performance-photography)
  • Performance