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Anney White

Anney  White
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While my paintings are certainly inspired by the images imprinted on my memory, it is the feelings and emotions absorbed that create the art. The paintings are the vehicles that carry me to connection with my self and my environment. Each piece is created with no expectation or assigned outcome. I am open to pure possibility and that excites me. It is only as it nears completion that I start to identify places, feelings and emotions.
There is no prescribed time taken. Sometimes a painting will identify itself to me very early in the process whilst others can take many weeks of constructing and deconstructing layers and marks, but the point of completion is never in doubt.
My surroundings most definitely inform my work but rarely dictate it.
My current work is all about the joy and freedom of getting out and about again into the seascapes and landscapes and experiencing the fresh, light colours we have enjoyed during this sunny and breezy early Spring of 2022.
Anney White Artist C.V.
Born in Edinburgh in December 1954 Currently residing and working in Perth & Kinross
Home : Craighead Bungalow Craighead Estate , Drum, KY130PP
Studio: 207 High Street, Kinross,KY138DL Email:info@anneywhiteart.co.uk
Tel: 07835555355
Website: www.anneywhiteart.co.uk Instagram:www.instagram.com/anney_blanc_art
1976-1980 Studied BA(Hons) Fashion Design at Newcastle Polytechnic
4th-12th Sept 2021 28th Aug- 12th Sept '21
4th-26th Sept '21 1st -8th May '22
Perthshire Open Studios (My Studio)
The Bield, Blackruthven (POS Showcase Exhibition)
Birnam Arts (curated) (POS Showcase Exhibition)
Ainetheon Arts Spring Show, Coupar Angus
Tarpey Gallery Open 2022, Castle Donington 16th July- 14th Aug 2022.

November '21-January '22 for J. Morrell, Crieff. Abstract painting 80cms x 120cms on canvas. J. Morrell previously bought 3 paintings from my studio during POS September 2021.
Traigh 1
  • Anney White
  • Traigh 1
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Traigh 2
  • Anney White
  • Traigh 2
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Traigh 3
  • Anney White
  • Traigh 3
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Traigh 4
  • Anney White
  • Traigh 4
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Full Moon at Droman
  • Anney White
  • Full Moon at Droman
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