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Ann Coomber

Ann Coomber
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Each day is a journey and the journey itself home – Matsuo Basho

I have a deep interest in First Nation peoples, particularly the intimate relationship they have with the natural world, reflected in their art and artefacts. Complex narratives, ideas, and personal or collective memories, are recorded and preserved in their art, often passed down through generations. Every drawing, every object, tells a story that records and directs their movement through life, landscape and time.

Taking organic or biological forms as my starting point, I gradually develop them, all the while drawing on my own direct, emotional instincts. During this creative process, I dig deep into my own stories, memories, experience and emotions, imbuing the sculpture with meaning – recording my own journey through time and space, both imagined and real.

Recently, I have also started exploring the abstracted leaf form as an empty vessel for recording a vow or promise.

All my sculptures are curvaceous, tactile and of domestic-scale, some suitable for outdoor display. Private commissions accepted.
After a career in the electricity industry in England and running a small craft business in the Scottish Highlands, the urge to create and communicate in a more meaningful way become so overwhelming that I had to take action. Over recent years I have attended many courses and master-classes in stone and wood carving, gradually developing and practicing the technical skills that now enable me to express my ideas to the full.

My work can be found in various commercial galleries in the Highlands, and I have taken part in many exhibitions, both open and curated.

w: www.anncoomber.co.uk
e: sculpture@anncoomber.co.uk
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