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Andrew Phillips

Andrew Phillips
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Mixed media drawings incorporating a combination of indian ink, graphite, acrylic, and pastel, form the heart of my practice. The style is a juxtaposition of fine mark making, and a more gestural application of crushed pastel, applied using the fingertips. These contrasting methods point to both the delicate intricacy, and pure physicality of Nature.

Of all Nature’s forms, Mountains especially remind us of our capacity for awe, as they exist between the finite and the eternal — the threshold of the known and unknown. The drawings inhabit this imaginal space, responding to the presence of the physical world, and an inner, more intangible expression of mystery. This is what draws me to the North, in both the geographic sense as a place of invigorating and wild spaces, and spiritually, where North can symbolise a transformative place at the edge of the natural and supernatural. This tendency to North is tempered by longing, and infused with the land which I am of, the South Downs.

I regard felt experiences of landscape to be part of an intuitive conversation with the land as entity - not merely a consequence of our own human projections but a participation mystique. The artwork is, in part, an act of devotion to the body of Earth, a way to engage the Spirit of Place, and distill a tangible essence of the 'skull beneath the skin' of landscape through image.

Flow - Visual Arts Scotland
Tides changing | Changing Tides - Society of Scottish Artists
30x30 - Society of Scottish Artists
TERRA - M.A.D.E, Cardiff
Borders Art Fair, VAS 'spotlight' - Kelso

Society of Scottish Artists & Visual Arts Scotland 'Open' - RSA, Edinburgh
Royal Scottish Academy Annual Open - RSA, Edinburgh
Royal West of England Academy Annual Open - RWA, Bristol
ALIGHT - Visual Arts Scotland, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

Society of Scottish Artists Annual Exhibition - Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
Edinburgh Art Fair, SSA stand
'A Darkening Thread' (with Kenris MacLeod) - Coburg House, Edinburgh
Art.Earth Group exhibition - Garden Room Gallery, Dartington Hall

'At The Edge Of Your Senses' (solo) - Detail Framing Studio, Edinburgh
'Before We Were Even Dreamed' (with Rowan Paton Risby) - Whitespace, Edinburgh
Spring Group Show - House for an Art Lover, Glasgow

'Knowing Another is Endless' (solo) - Cameo Picturehouse, Edinburgh.
Society of Scottish Artists, annual show - Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
Royal Scottish Academy Open - Edinburgh
Identity Through Landscape - House for an Art Lover, Glasgow
Stuffed - Newave Gallery, Aberdeen

Royal Scottish Academy Open - Edinburgh
National Open Art exhibition, Moving Image category
Bells From the Deep - Hundred Years Gallery, London
Identity/Memory – Gallery on the Corner, London
  • Andrew Phillips
  • Alight
  • Mixed Media
The Angel of Death Has Spread its Wings Across The Land
  • Andrew Phillips
  • The Angel of Death Has Spread its Wings Across The Land
  • Mixed Media
Shrouded Moon (1)
  • Andrew Phillips
  • Shrouded Moon (1)
  • Mixed Media
Shrouded Moon (3)
  • Andrew Phillips
  • Shrouded Moon (3)
  • Mixed Media
Shrouded Moon (2)
  • Andrew Phillips
  • Shrouded Moon (2)
  • Mixed Media
A Hollow Hill
  • Andrew Phillips
  • A Hollow Hill
  • Acrylic
Winter Light
  • Andrew Phillips
  • Winter Light
  • Acrylic
Mountains Green
  • Andrew Phillips
  • Mountains Green
  • Acrylic