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Amelia Court

Amelia Court
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A mature student returned to arts after an extended period of severe ill-health due to disability. Interested in building sustainable art practices, improving relationships with nature, human connection, therapeutic art practices, and building local community. With ambitions to use art to enrich communities, improve individual wellbeing and spark curiosity towards a sustainable future.

My work is process-driven. I use foraging and found objects to create materials and works; experiment using natural forces in my processes; have unusual methods or ritualistic practices. I use creative practice to manage symptoms of my disability. Much of my work is abstract using painting, drawing, and mixed media and often involves the documentation of my process.

Seeking opportunities to assist the community, volunteer in roles helping with arts and crafts, and getting folks outdoors. Especially interested in assisting in arts groups for adults and young people living with disabilities.

Note that all services offered are to assist on a volunteer/experience gaining basis. I do not currently have formal training in these roles.
UAL Foundation Art and Design Diploma, 2020/21 at Edinburgh College

Community experience:
Volunteer class assistant, 2010 at ASPIRE, Fife College. Working with students with additional support needs.
Volunteer Peer Support Worker, 2018, BEAT charity. Trained role in supporting young people with eating disorders via email.
Sea Print, using sea tides and cyanotype
  • Amelia Court
  • Sea Print, using sea tides and cyanotype
Full Moon Sea Print - Process
  • Amelia Court
  • Full Moon Sea Print - Process
  • Performance
Full Moon Sea Print
  • Amelia Court
  • Full Moon Sea Print
Rain, Snow, Water and Wind
  • Amelia Court
  • Rain, Snow, Water and Wind
Forest Meditation
  • Amelia Court
  • Forest Meditation
  • Performance
  • Amelia Court
  • Forest
  • Mixed Media
Silence of the Forest
  • Amelia Court
  • Silence of the Forest
  • Found Objects
Silence & Noise
  • Amelia Court
  • Silence & Noise
  • Pen and Ink