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alison grant

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Man’s relationships within the physical stuff of our environment, the forces that contain and support us, and our interactions within them both noumenal and phenomenal are central to my work, both looking back through time and forward to the future. As a result my work is deeply rooted in Nature, finding in the natural world both inspiration and much of my visual language. As an Artist and Biologist I have a deep and rich sense of our belonging within the natural world I use many media to communicate this sense of harmony while acknowledging the danger of our current position within the earth’s ecosystems
During a career as a Landscape Architect, Alison turned gradually to Fine Art training with artists in the USA, Asia and the UK. She now works from her Edinburgh Studio.

• 2020 Stone Moon Sidney Nolan Trust Hereford, postponed due to Covid 19.
• 2020 No Ruined Stones White Horse Gallery Marlborough
• 2020 No Ruined stones Virtual exhibition. Art North Project Room 2020
• 2014 The Shape of Time. Warburton Gallery Edinburgh
• 2011 Suspended Shadows. Henderson Gallery Edinburgh

• 2019 Time Spent amongst trees. SSA Professional members Methven Museum Forfar
• 2015 2016 Summer Exhibition Rabley Drawing Centre Wiltshire
• 2011- 2016 RSA Exhibition National Gallery of Scotland Edinburgh
• 2013 - 2019 SSA Exhibition National Gallery Of Scotland Edinburgh
• 2013 2014 Invited artist Macmillan Art Exhibition Bonhams Edinburgh
• 2011 Invited artist 50 years of Leith School of Art
• 2000 Mural paintings in Alice Ho Mui Ling Nethersole Hospital Hong Kong

• 2015 Elected Professional Member of the Scottish Society of Artists
• 1981-1984 BSc. Durham University Biology
• 1984-1986 BLD Distinction. Manchester University Landscape Architecture
• CMLI Chartered member of the Landscape Institute 2000

• Rodney Beaumont Award Manchester University
• Purcell Prize SSA

• Assisted Artists including Anya Gallaccio and Andy Goldsworty at Jupiter Art Land.www.jupiterartland.org
• Involved in the organisation of fund raising events for the Art Fund in Scotland.

• No Ruined Stones Interview BBC Wiltshire with Karen Gardner 2020
• Art North Project Room 2020 Online Exhibition No Ruined Stones 2020
• Art North Magazine 6/7 Article Rolling Stones 2020
  • alison grant
  • Nomenon
  • Mixed Media
Cold War Afternoon
  • alison grant
  • Cold War Afternoon
  • Lithograph
March Lapwings
  • alison grant
  • March Lapwings
  • Mixed Media
Touching the Past
  • alison grant
  • Touching the Past
  • Mixed Media
Shaking Hands Across the Centuaries
  • alison grant
  • Shaking Hands Across the Centuaries
  • Mixed Media
Stone Moon Spring
  • alison grant
  • Stone Moon Spring
  • Oil
Stone Moon Autumn
  • alison grant
  • Stone Moon Autumn
  • Oil
Vernal Equinox
  • alison grant
  • Vernal Equinox
  • Mixed Media