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Alan Richmond

Alan Richmond
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Artist Statement

Alan Richmond

I describe my work as semi-abstract landscapes, which range from near realism to almost total abstraction, from highly coloured to monochromatic.
A fascination with old and weathered paintwork, on skips, old doors and especially abandoned boats, intrigues me, where you start seeing what you imagine or perceive to be landscapes, and which very often reflect the places they are found in. Using photographs of these along with those the Scottish Highlands and Islands, I use squeegees, rollers and razor blades to reproduce that effect by layering up paint and removing it again, not copy to it, but use them as a reference or starting point.
My inspiration and motivation is summed up well in a quote by a photographer I particularly like called Saul Leiter:  
“I like it when one is not certain what one sees, when we do not know why the photographer has taken a picture and when we do not know why we are looking at it, all of a sudden we discover something that we start seeing. I like this confusion.”

I am a self taught artist and have been working in WASPS studios in Selkirk since 2008.
Alan lives in Hawick in the Scottish Borders.
Born in Welwyn, Hertfordshire in July 1960.
Moved to Hawick in 1969.
He has an O level in art but is primarily a self taught artist.
He has been working from his studio in WASPS Selkirk since July 2008.
Alan has been selling in galleries throughout Scotland and the Lake District since 2004.
He has had several Solo and group exhibitions with museums and galleries of the Scottish Borders along with fellow artists at the WASPS studios in Selkirk.

Solo exhibitions.

Not everything is Black and White, Waterfall gallery, Hawick museum. 2007
Resonant landscapes, Pringle room, Old Gala House. 2008
Personal Perspectives, Halliwells House, Selkirk. 2010

Group exhibitions

Selkirk WASPS, Christopher Boyd gallery, Old Gala House. 2010
Selkirk WASPS, Hawick museum. 2011
Summer exhibition, Tweeddale gallery, Peebles. 2017
Open Studios, Selkirk WASPS, 2008 -2019.
Burnside gallery, Selkirk 2022
Selkirk WASPS, Courtyard Gallery, Bowhill, Selkirk 2023

Gallery representation

Flat cat gallery, Lauder 2005-2024
Old court House, Ambleside 2007-2024
Percy House Gallery, Cockermouth 2007-2024
Found gallery, Dunbar. 2012 -2024
Velvet Easel, Portobello 2013-2024
Untitled “Pillbox” series
  • Alan Richmond
  • Untitled “Pillbox” series
  • Acrylic
Untitled “pillbox” series
  • Alan Richmond
  • Untitled “pillbox” series
  • Acrylic
We’re just passing through
  • Alan Richmond
  • We’re just passing through
  • Acrylic
Unrest in the forest
  • Alan Richmond
  • Unrest in the forest
  • Acrylic
Autumn in Orkney
  • Alan Richmond
  • Autumn in Orkney
  • Acrylic
The sun goes down in the Hebrides
  • Alan Richmond
  • The sun goes down in the Hebrides
  • Acrylic