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Alan Bond

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I work from an Out of the Blue studio in Craigmillar, Edinburgh.
I make 3-D work and drawings. My 3-D work relates to architectural spaces, and can be large interactive installations, or smaller architectural fragments and models. I am interested in the aesthetics of my structures but also comment on and interpret the buildings that inspired them.

My works on paper also relate to built structures and fall between painting and drawing. I interpret rather than copy spaces, experimenting with form and process. Using paint and a variety of graphic materials I make corrections , overpaint and re-draw over a long period. Often, I work on two parallel drawings, each one informing and strengthening the other until they diverge.

Beyond my studio I founded Seven Seven Contemporary Art, in East London, a gallery which supported emerging and mid-career artists, and developed strong international links. I have worked as a part-time lecturer in several UK art schools and provided workshops for design and branding companies. I have worked on set design and production for major London venues and festivals worldwide. I served on the council of the Scottish Society of Artists and am an SSA mentor for mid-career artists.
2022/23 SSA Open, RSA, Edinburgh
2019/20- SSA/VAS Open , RSA , Edinburgh
2019 - Alight, Visual Arts Scotland, Edinburgh
2018 – Together, VAS and SSA, RSA, Edinburgh

2017 – Made Up, Glasgow Arts Club

2017 - Works on Paper. Glasgow Arts Club

2017 – SSA Open, Glasgow Arts Club Prize, RSA

2016 – Exquisite Corpse, St Andrews Museum.

2016 – Hangar, SSA Open, RSA, Edinburgh

2016 – Corsham 52 at AD44 Artspace, Bath

2015 – Hangar, Rabley Contemporary Drawing

2015 – Empire, Wall Projects, Montrose

2015 – Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh
2015 – The Cut of Your Jib, Rosalux Gallery, Minneapolis, USA

2014/5 – Jerwood Drawing Prize shortlist, London & UK Tour

2014 – Kino, SSA Open, RSA, Edinburgh

2014 – Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh
2013 – SSA Open, RSA, Edinburgh

2012 – Drawn to Nature, Rabley Drawing Centre, Wiltshire

2012 –SSA Open, Deloitte prize, RSA, Edinburgh
2011 – If on a Winters Night… August Art, London

2011 – White Horses and Hill Figures. Devizes
2010 – Dislocation, August Art, London

2010 – Tin Sheds and White Horses, Rabley Drawing Centre
2010 – London Art Fair, Rabley Drawing Centre

2010 – Supermarket, Kulturhuset, Stockholm

2009 – Pantheon Rotor, Shunt, London Bridge

2009 – London Art Fair, Art Projects, Seven S. Contemporary 
2008 – Vernacular, Seven Seven Contemporary Art London

2008 –Becks Art Fusions, Contemp. Art Society, Manchester
2006 – No Ship, curated-Dave Farnham, Seven Seven,

2006 – The Stars down to Earth, The Nunnery, London

2006 – Continental Breakfast, Umetnostna Galerija, Maribor
2006 – Nocturne, Rabley Drawing Centre, Wiltshire

2005 – Artvaults, Southampton

2005 – Fold Up the Sky, AKA, Rome

2004 – Defying Definition, Rabley Drawing Centre, Wiltshire

2004 – Art On Paper, Royal College of Art

2003 – Virtue Art, London

2003 – Oh Vienna! Soho In Ottakring, Vienna.
2003 – Mirror II Nature, Mile End Art Pavilion, London

2000 – Trace Elements, Swindon Museum and Art Gallery

1998 – Bianco and Nero, Catanzaro.