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Aileen Neillie

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My work depicts objects or motifs used as symbols to convey personal experiences. I generally use materials which are at my disposable and are readily available, some of which may not be associated or typical to that used in conventional artwork. From a sculptural background I now work in 2D as well as 3D and feel both inform and enhance the other. I find 3D elements in my drawings which leads me to consider transferring to the round.
I handle media in such a way which often allows the properties to speak for themselves instead of being forced to comply to tradition.
My latest series of work is based on the attempt to remove ourselves from our past, yet our past remains trapped inside; unescapable.
The internals of the human body are used to communicate this. These are morphed and distorted.
A graduate from Glasgow School of Art in 1995, I am now a Principal Teacher of Art and Design and have been working in education for 14 years. Prior to this I was a community artist and have been producing my own work since graduating, continuously exhibiting in various group exhibitions as well as solo exhibitions when available to do so.
  • Aileen Neillie
  • Aileen Neillie
  • Aileen Neillie