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Aileen Keith

Aileen Keith
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Drawing has always been an important part of Aileen’s practice, but is now the fundamental focus her work. Her interest in the process of remembering and forgetting, combined with the process of drawing, is explored through an eclectic range of materials and methods. The end result is often discovered gradually through layering. Images, colour and line are laid down on the space of the paper. Then decisions are made to preserve, subdue, obliterate, add more layers or re-establish detail. The cycle repeats. Unexpected results and accidental marks are accepted and incorporated or rejected and drawn over. It all adds to the richness and subtlety of each piece.
Aileen is based at her home and studio 20 miles south of Edinburgh. She graduated in sculpture and drawing from Edinburgh College of Art. Following a post graduate year, she joined the Sculpture School staff. Her teaching experience is extensive, teaching drawing a specialisation. After almost 30 years as a lecturer, she now works full time in her studio and is a professional member of the SSA.
She has exhibited sculpture and drawing widely including: the Jerwood space and the Economist Plaza, London; the Marioka Hashimoto Museum, Japan; the Kokkola museum, Finland and the Collective Gallery, Edinburgh.