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Aiden Milligan

Aiden Milligan
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I am a Scottish rural storyteller with a deep fascination for ideas surrounding the ‘Hinterland’, and how this arises through my own observations of the everyday. The world I visualise is one based on half-truths and borrowed folklore; a form of fakelore, which I feel to be rather appropriate at a time where truth and clarity is shrouded in lies and ‘fake news’. My work is informed by stories overlooked and fallen through the cracks, of people and place, living on the rural West coast of Scotland in a small town, where all it seems there is to do is fantasise.
MA Fine Art (with Distinction) - Gray's School of Art (2017 - 2018)
First Class BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice (Printmaking) - Gray's School of Art (2013 - 2017)
HNC Art and Design - Ayr College (2012-2013)

2020 - The Scottish Show, Panter and Hall, London

2019 - Little Originals, Dock Street Studios, Dundee
2019 - Flora, Fauna, and Other Forms (Nomad), Bonnymuir Green, Aberdeen
2019 - Autumn Feature Exhibition, Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen
2019 - Balcony Lot, Copenhagen
2019 - The Scottish Show, Panter and Hall, London

2018 - Winter Show, Compass Gallery, Glasgow
2018 - Winter Show, Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen
2018 - Masters Show - Gray's School of Art
2018 - RSA Open, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
2018 - Summer Show, Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen
2018 - FBA Futures, Mall Galleries, London
2018 - London Art Fair (with Compass Gallery), London

2017 - Naughty and Nice (Sweet 'Art) - Espacio Gallery, London
2017 - Winter Show, Compass Gallery, Glasgow
2017 - New Faces, Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen
2017 - FreshAyr, Queens Court, Ayr
2017 - New Generation Show, Compass Gallery, Glasgow
Opposites Attract
  • Aiden Milligan
  • Opposites Attract
  • Acrylic
After Houdini
  • Aiden Milligan
  • After Houdini
  • Acrylic
Back Road Bikers
  • Aiden Milligan
  • Back Road Bikers
  • Acrylic
  • Aiden Milligan
  • Gamesport
  • Acrylic
The Lost World
  • Aiden Milligan
  • The Lost World
  • Acrylic
The Armchair Road Hog
  • Aiden Milligan
  • The Armchair Road Hog
  • Acrylic
The Timber Man
  • Aiden Milligan
  • The Timber Man
  • Acrylic
When Night Falls
  • Aiden Milligan
  • When Night Falls
  • Acrylic