Lucy's ceramics occupy a space between painting and sculpture playing with 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional space and how light travels across it and with porcelain through the object itself. There is rhythm created by repeated visual elements with an ongoing battle to maintain ‘the minimum’ rather than an overload of visual material. Recent developments in technique mean that wall mounted ceramic work is composed of many parts fired to different temperatures allowing blends of low fired and high fired units of clay with both glazed and unglazed elements. The restrictive boundaries that often exist in ceramics around the final commitment to the kiln have been overturned by the use of visual elements that are pieced together as collage post firing, in a fluid and spontaneous development of visual material that sits satisfactorily outside the ceramic orthodox.

Lucy has identified Andrea Walsh as a prospective mentor because her exacting standards and attention to detail are in line with the level of professionalism that she aspires to achieve in her own work. The outcome of their exchange would be a concise and more considered approach to Lucy’s ceramic process, a foundation to the next stage of exhibiting more widely and on a more professional level.