Hannah Louise Lamb portrays a sense of home and belonging in her jewellery designs which as a child of Cornwall and resident of East Lothian always comes back to the coast. Iconic pieces in gold and silver depict coastlines and landscapes near and far, that curve and flow with minute intricacy. Inspirations gathered from maps, cityscapes, coastal borders, and textures from the coastline influence the surfaces and profiles in Hannah’s work.

Recently Hannah’s practise has been focussed on building a small brand, and she now feels that the time is right to revisit her roots as a narrative jeweller and produce some stimulating new work. Hannah proposes to utilise the expertise of a number of different mentors, to help develop both the practical and theoretical aspects of her practise. She would like to revisit her roots as a narrative jeweller and work towards the formation of a body of sculptural brooches, created in layers with some removable, wearable parts, and others that remain on the wall as works of art. The introduction of new techniques such as stone setting and surface etching would allow Hannah to incorporate the colours and textures of the subject matter into her work in precious metals, while guidance from an established narrative jeweller would aid the conceptual development of this new body of work.