Charonne wants to move her practice forward by introducing a visual conversation between what's happening on the surface of the piece with interior worlds that morph with the slightest change of perspective. Through the introduction of hot sculpting techniques at 1100°C she aims to incorporate surface colour, pattern and folded forms to the exterior of the piece, while retaining her signature style of fine, transient detail inside clear glass. Under the mentorship of James Devereaux she aims  to push the established technique of dropping pre-cast, painted glass into a hot casting by applying the concept in the realm of glass blowing.  She is looking to develop a method for handling large vessels of blown glass - while hot at 1100°C - and placing and pouring even larger volumes of pre-cast and molten glass into it. Further potential developments include the use of digital technology to produce large CNC milled graphite moulds to support the molten glass, and a furtherance of Charonne’s cold working skills, using tools to carve and engrave the surface of the cooled glass objects.