Although not led by a particular medium, but rather a specific process, Niklas works mainly with collage, moving image and large format digital prints. He is driven by an interest in the translation of experience into object or image, so that his work is often the accumulation of unscripted responses to a singular image, object or place. 

Currently his source material is depictions of popular history and leisure, both on and offline. These ‘found images’ are edited and curated in ways similar to sets or mood-boards. Through a process that relies on immediate appearance rather than permanence, origin or function, Niklas transforms, or reveals, the found object as theatrical, and vice versa, perhaps highlighting the dual being of representational artefacts. In this way he aims to create part domestic, part theatrical scenes that may confuse an audience as to the precise status of each element, while inviting them to experience a seemingly authoritative whole: a display, or view, made up of associations, desires and perceptions.

Edinburgh College of Art