The Object Paintings were devised from a daily bus journey Daniel took one summer while working at a call centre in Merseyside. One morning, on the 7am bus, Daniel had thoughts about his practice in relation to larger social patterns. Throughout the day he observed the brittle landscape, interacted with people, answered calls, and ten hours later he left work and got back on the bus. He reconnected with his previous concerns but could not reconcile how his work as a painter in any way related to larger social patterns. Directly or indirectly Daniel’s thoughts had been diluted through the embroilment of a daily process: his thoughts and potential ideas were suffocated and destined for room 101 at the call centre.

The Object Paintings expose an organised mind within a world in a constant state of flux. In a way they are an attempt to amalgamate those two states.

Order can be contained within the formalist properties of colour, application and composition, and yet sometimes this doesn’t quite happen and instead a chaotic, energetic, tumultuous aesthetic is created.

Edinburgh College of Art