New Council Members

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Apr 24th 2019

We are delighted to introduce our wonderful new council members for 2019. They join an amazing team of skilled individuals who work hard, voluntarily, to bring you a calendar of events, satellite shows and the Annual Exhibition:

Namon Gaston, Sarah Calmus, Amanda Airey, Lyndsey Gilmour, Nicola Wiltshire & Harry Jones-Martin.

The Council, led by the President, Andrew Mackenzie, consists usually of 12 - 14 members, who may be elected by the membership, or who alternatively, may be co-opted by the Council. Council members usually serve a term of 3 years (although in practice Council members have often served longer periods, beyond the call of duty). The primary role of the Council is to plan and organise the annual exhibition and other satellite exhibitions, and to make strategic plans for the direction of the society. Council members are also highly involved in the setup and take down of the exhibitions.
All Council members, including the President, are volunteers. Read more about our Council here.